One of the most common ways we use our smartphones is for taking notes. Although some of us still prefer to use a good old-fashioned pencil and paper, the truth is that the immediacy and ease of doing so on your Android device is undeniable. This efficiency has led to the creation of an infinite number of apps for this sole purpose. Notion is one of the latest ones that we’ve had the pleasure of trying out and we couldn’t be more impressed: it’s a comprehensive app that can be used for a thousand and one different purposes 

Notion App

While other productivity apps aim for simplicity, —something that we tend to appreciate in most cases— Notion strives to offer something more. It’s an excellent app for taking notes and making lists, if that’s what you’re looking for. But if you stopped there, you’d be missing out on all the potential this app has to offer: Notion serves as a tool to make your shopping list, as well as to create wikis or manage messages between work teams, like in Slack.

Notion app

The first steps with this app serves to define what you’re going to use it for (and to create an account in order to use it). You have a short tutorial available that will explain some of the app’s potential, although you can skip it if you want to just explore it yourself. The important thing is the possibilities it offers: every page you create can be made up of over 20 different blocks of content. Whether its images, tasks lists, code snippets, etc. You can create these pages, or notes if you want to simplify the definition, in many different ways. And best of all is that you can then share them if you want to create these sorts of pages collaboratively. This is incredibly useful for creating wikis or documents with multiple people.

Notion Android

Not only does it give you the different blocks to configure however you want, Notion also provides default templates in case you don’t want to think too hard when it comes to creating your document. Whether its a list of movies you’ve seen or books you’ve read, calendars, spread sheets, shopping lists … there’s something for everyone. Like we’ve already said, the app is incredibly complete, as seen in each and everyone of its features.

Notion Android

Notion has won us over with how easy it makes it to complete all sorts of different tasks. If we had discovered it sooner, it would definitely have been among the contenders for our list of the best apps of 2018. It may be a little bit intimidating to use for less experienced users, but that’s just because it offers so many possibilities. It’s an app that any fan of organization will want to have among their must-have apps. We’re sure Marie Kondo would approve.

Notion for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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