WhatsApp has set a new record for messages sent in one day. The famous instant messaging application processed 18 million messages on the last day of 2012. The previous record was 10 million messages in one day, and it was set in August, 2012.

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Despite the different rumors that are spread about the app, and how frequently its system goes down, the famous instant messaging system was able to bear a tremendous volume of message during New Years Eve. To be specific, there were 7 million incoming messages, and 11 million outgoing messages sent and received that day.

The American company made this new record public via its official Twitter account. They most likely released these figures because many were doubting WhatsApp’s stability on a day on which traditionally millions of messages are sent with best wishes for the start of a new year. Until recently, these types of greetings during this time were usually sent via SMS, which often caused the mobile networks to get bogged down, and sometimes even go down completely.

One conclusion that can be drawn is that instant messaging apps for smartphones have become a means of communication that has displaced traditional SMS because they are free, and much more versatile.

On another note, it is clear that WhatsApp, an app available for most existing mobile platforms, is still the most popular in its sector of the market, despite the many alternatives that have appeared in recent months.

There are more than 1.3 million WhatsApp users worldwide, which is why, despite continuous rumors that it will soon become a paid service, and many other similar rumors, and in addition to the many problems it still has, it is still the leader in the field.

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