It’s not everybody in the world who has the time or interest to customize their device with ringtones and original wallpapers. Lucky for them, Zedge is a free app for Android that you could consider an “all in one” when it comes to finding wallpapers and ringtones for your device, with everything organized by category for free and instant download.

From the left drop-down menu you can browse through the app’s different content, with its constant stream of updates from its community of users which you can join via its official website. All this content, which can be consulted through the various categories, can also be browsed by Most Recent as well as Most Downloaded.


In the case of backgrounds, there are both static wallpapers and animated ones, with the added benefit that Zedge can automatically detect your smartphone’s resolution and offer backgrounds with the device’s native resolution. In the case of ringtones, they are divided into long melodies and short tones for notifications and new messages. The themes are disparate enough to include categories for Christian melodies, Bollywood music, and iconic videogame soundtracks.

In the most recent versions of the app a small marketplace has been added for Android games, but in fact this is simply a selection that links each download to its corresponding Google Play page. With regard to the extra features, it has a “My Downloads” section where all the sounds and downloaded images are stored.


Although Zedge is an excellent, totally legal tool that fills a very useful niche, we still want to encourage you readers to let your artistic talents fly when it comes to customizing this sort of content. For inspiration look no further than our blog, where we’ve already explained how to create ringtones using Audacity, not to mention the many image-editing tools out there to customize your wallpapers.


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