Once upon a time the most popular desktop browser was Internet Explorer, a sort of Dark Age when there appeared not to be much else in the way of choice. Then Firefox came on the scene and changed everything. Bit by bit it ate into Microsoft’s share of the browser market to the point of becoming the most used alternative. But that reign was short-lived, too, given how Google fell over itself to make Chrome a point of reference. Even still, Firefox keeps getting updates and improving, as we’re seeing again in its version 52, one that brings interesting novelties and changes, like abandoning plugins such as Java or Silverlight. A change whose time had come.


Say the word Gmail and everybody knows you’re talking about the most significant email provider in the world. Finding someone without a Gmail account is hard – and even more so considering that it works in sync with Google’s apps. The deal is, though, that it’s a bit absurd to see that the size limit for attachments is 25 MB, especially given that we’re in the year 2017. Now Google has done something about it. Though it’s probably not what you were expecting.

My Talking Tom brought new life to virtual pets on Android (sorry, Pou!). Such was its success that the Outfit7 studio has put together a whole universe of adventures and characters with the famous cat at the center, to the point that Talking Tom & Friends – as the brand is now called – has more than a dozen games and spinoffs for different themes plus TV shows and animated shorts. With all this behind them, it’s logical that they’d keep cutting cookies from the dough with Talking Tom Camp, a strategy game “inspired” by the superpopular Clash of Clans and starring Tom, Angela, and company. Except here you shoot water pistols.

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When you think of digital corkboards where images take center stage, Pinterest is probably the first word that comes to mind. This popular social network continues to be used by people looking for images, ideas, and even tutorials. But what if you’re looking for something similar focused specifically on knowlege?

Now that we’re in full swing with movie and music awards season, we can’t miss out on the chance to plug the most important awards in mobile gaming. This year marks the 13th edition of the International Mobile Gaming Awards, a prize gala that highlights excellence in gaming for mobile devices in different categories. This year’s list of nominees is gigantic – we present our selection of our favorites for you below.


One of the longest-standing issues with YouTube is how airtight it is in terms of allowing local downloads of its videos. There are, of course, unofficial apps like TubeMate, but Google policies prohibit downloads like this, so users who want to view content offline have been left to their own devices. The latest solution to this problem is YouTube Goa new service for locally downloading and sharing videos for viewing inside the app. Several months ago it was trialled in India, and now it’s finally been released for global use.


Valentine’s Day is one of those days when googly-eyed couples fill restaurants, buy a zillion roses, and enjoy lovely moonlit evenings. Or maybe not? Yes, I’m talking to you, my unpartnered friend. You don’t need to have a significant other to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Hence why we’ve brought you this collection of five Android apps to enjoy this special day even in the absence of a lover’s fervent gaze to swear undying love into.

Avid smartphone and tablet gamers are in luck what with the recent arrival of the terrific Fire Emblem Heroes to mobile devices. That Nintendo’s put out a new iOS and Android title in this epic saga definitely calls for a dance atop your closest table or bar. We’ve already given you our spiel about the virtues of Fire Emblem Heroes and surely more than one of you are getting as much of a kick out of it as we are. While everyone’s talking about Nintendo again we’re going to take the chance to recommend 10 SRPGs that could be good alternatives to Fire Emblem Heroes  just in case you get bored of it or simply want to check out something new.

If we were to pick a game to define 2016, it would have to be Pokémon GO. This title has broken tons of barriers, though its popularity isn’t in a great moment. The lack of new content over time has made lots of gamers give up on it. But luckily we’re coming up on Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Pokémon GO has released a special event for these lovey-dovey days with lots of perks for people who put their hunting hats back on.

We’ve had lots of praise for the titles of simple pleasures here at Uptodown, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like other kinds of games, too. When a high-quality title comes out, all we can do is acknowledge the evidence and sing its praises. And that’s exactly what we have to do today with Yokai Saga, an impressive free action game for Android with some of the most imposing graphics we’ve ever seen on a smartphone screen.