When browsing the net, you may come across content that is blocked in your region, especially on websites that stream content. This can cause increased frustration for those who move to another country and no longer have access to their favorite websites. But, the problem could be less complex: Perhaps you can’t access a site because it has been restricted at your university or work. It’s easy to access them and bypass the geographic restrictions, and here we explain how.

Content censored by country

There can be several reasons for the geographic restrictions on certain online content, such as copyright or authorship rights, movie and TV show releases in different areas, or even each country’s legislation, and the business policies of websites. Whatever the reason be, not being able to access any specific content can be a real setback for many users.

When your computer accesses the Internet, it does so through an IP address that websites can restrict depending on its location, which is recognized by your computer’s proxy. A proxy server is a system that acts as a liason between the user and the Internet with the objective of intercepting your connection and managing it, whether it be for security, performance, or anonymity. Therefore, if you want to access content that is restricted in your country, you will have to connect to a proxy server with an IP from a location where it can be viewed. How? By hiding your real IP.

Camouflaging your IP address can be done in two ways: manually, or automatically through a program.

Manually change the proxy

For Internet Explorer and Google Chrome must go to the Control Panel > Network and Internet > Internet Options. When the pop-up window appears, you will need to click Connections > LAN Settings. Next, you will check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box. Now, you’ll have to find a site on the net that has different country proxys, such as IP-Address, and choose the country you need, and copy the address into the box you have checked. The numbers are divided into “Address” and “Port.” In the first box you will copy everything that appears before the colon, in the second box, the ones that appear after it. Once you have done this, click “Ok,” and you will be good to go to enjoy the restricted website.

Cambiar proxy manualmente

To manually change the proxy on Mozilla Firefox, you must click on the orange Firefox tab > Options > Advanced. Here, go to the “Network” tab, then click “Settings,” and click “Manual proxy configuration” so the box is check marked, just as you would with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Click “OK,” and you’re all set to browse the restricted content.

Cambiar proxy firefox

Automatically change the proxy

If this whole process is just too much work for you, it is even easier to do with a program that automates the task. For example, TunnelBear is a very easy way to get around these geographic restrictions. Basically, it is a proxy that allows you to select with just one click the location you want to emulate to access the content, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, U.S., or Canada. Once you are connected to this false location, all you have to do is reload the page you want to view, and you’re all set: All the content will be available to you.

tunnelbear proxy

If you follow these steps, you won’t have any more problems with restrictions and Internet content blocks, allowing you to forget about the barriers if only for a moment.

Download TunnelBear for Windows on Uptodown

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