There’s life beyond Chrome (or whichever awful browser came installed by default on your Android). What you want when browsing from your smartphone or tablet is in the end probably the same thing as everyone else: simplicity, speed, and compatibility. Here are some of the best alternative web browsers for Android, along with a list of the most downloaded ones on Uptodown.

CM Browser

To start, we’d like to point out the marvel that this browser, created by the developers of the popular cleaner tool Clean Master, takes up just 1.7 MB. In this tiny package you’ll find a gem of a browser focused on download speed and security. It lets you browse anonymously, enable a Do Not Track mode, and receive warning messages when you open suspicious webpages or download APK files of suspicious origin. As a cherry on top, it’s very pretty, and its tab system lets you quickly jump from one window to another.


The case of Dolphin is also worth mentioning, as instead of competing on the standard features it distinguishes itself by offering unique features like an ad blocker, gestures as shortcuts, and voice browsing, not to mention its own line of apps with their own store, its immersive mode, and its elaborate interface that lets you do many things with just a few taps to the screen.

UC Browser

Top of the charts for multipurpose browsers, as it leaves no stone unturned: Incognito mode, ‘reader’ mode to view text only, Flash support (which Dolphin also has, incidentally), and full-screen mode—not to mention its cloud data-compression system to speed up browsing, a feature that only Chrome and Opera also offer. And unlike most other browsers, it has a super-smooth integrated system for installing extensions. It also has a Lite version for old smartphones that runs on Android 2.1 and higher.

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This browser has been so successful not for its virtues as a browser but for its anonymous-browsing features and the ability to get around regional limits and blocks. It’s the most downloaded browser on Uptodown, allowing anonymous browsing via a VPN, whether you want to improve your security when accessing public networks or go to webpages that are blocked in a specific country.

The most-downloaded Android browsers on Uptodown

  1. PsiPhon
  2. Opera Mini
  3. adAway
  4. UC Browser Mini
  5. Google Chrome
  6. Mozilla Firefox
  7. UC Browser
  8. CM Browser
  9. Dolphin Browser HD
  10. Opera Browser
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