The current app par excellence for broadcasting live videos is getting ever more popular, though the competition is stiff. Periscope users are in luck with the latest thing to soon be added to the app: the ability to broadcast and view 360-degree videos.

Periscope 360

Periscope is looking for new ways to share the experiences of video broadcasters. No longer is it just viewing content and participating in it with Likes and comments – now more than ever before it’s time to immerse ourselves in broadcasts. And 360-degree videos are the answer to the moment. The idea behind the new feature is to connect still more with people’s experiences, something you can do live from the Periscope app or right from Twitter, as now you don’t even need Periscope itself to broadcast over the social network.

The 360-degree videos are denoted by a special icon that you tap on to enter the broadcast. Once you’re inside everything is super simple: you move through the environment using taps and swipes on the screen to change perspectives. The bad thing about this new feature is that for now it’s solely available to selected users. But Periscope has announced that over the next few weeks it will be rolled out to everybody, so just wait to be able to broadcast and enjoy this new 360-degree experience.

If you want to be one of first to try out the new 360-degree videos, fill out this form and cross your fingers. We’ll stay tuned to this onslaught of updates to streaming platforms, as the primary beneficiaries of all this are we users.

Periscope for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download

More information | Periscope blog


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