Since the announced split between Google and Huawei, there have been a lot of doubts crossing the minds of users who own devices made by the Chinese giant. Devices from the business founded by Ren Zhengfei won’t be able to use Google apps or update their Android operating system. The uncertainty exists on a world-wide level so it’s useful to get some information about the consequences of this technological divorce. Not only will the most well-known apps stop being updated automatically. Services that run in the background but are essential for the correct performance will also be affected. Google Play Services is the brains behind coordinating most of these parameters. It’s worth taking the time to get to know this stranger a little better.


The control point for tons of processes

Google Play Services is the tool incorporated by Google on Android that takes care of interpreting and orchestrating multiple processes. If we were talking about soccer, it would be like the midfielder who takes care of getting control of the ball and passing it to the striker to shoot. Through this tool, your device keeps all the services you use daily updated. For well-known apps like YouTube, Gmail, or Google Maps to work correctly, they need this service manager.


The importance of Google Play Services within an Android system that depends on Google is well-known. To date, all Huawei smartphones and tablets have been synchronizing updates thanks to this tool. It would take forever to name all the processes that this tool takes care of. However, these are some of the most important tasks it completes:

  • Synchronize your contacts
  • Manage your location to provide precise coordinates using little power
  • Facilitate offline searches
  • Improve the performance of game’s graphics engines
  • Control Google’s voice services
  • Prioritize and send floating notifications

Without a doubt, almost all these features are enormously important in the daily use of your smartphone. Without all these functions, a lot of users would have a pretty big problem on their hands.

Google Play Services also takes care of security

Google Play Services not only has effects on apps we use daily. This tool is also in charge of structuring and installing new apps and security patches. Like all operating systems, Android has some room for improvement. That’s why Google takes care of analyzing vulnerabilities in AOSP (an open source system that Huawei will most likely use from now on) to correct them. These problems are classified by their consequences and go from low to critical.


The security patches and other new features reach your smartphone through updates or OTAs. That is, the ‘Over the air’ method through which Google sends new readjustments to each device that depends on the service. Here you’ll find another one of the problems that Huawei will have to face. It appears that after losing the support from the American engine, Huawei’s first order of business will be to protect its users from vulnerabilities.

Can I still use my Huawei without these services?

Although there are plenty of more than decent alternatives to Google’s biggest apps, for the time being, it’s risky to go without all these services on a Huawei device. Especially in terms of security and updates. Once you lose Google Play Services, the invisible shield against threats disappears.


Until now, Google was always the one in charge of watching out for the safety of users who own a device from the Chinese brand. Now, Huawei will be the one in charge of taking over all these processes. The capabilities of this company should be enough to keep the boat afloat and keep users from jumping ship. As we’ve already commented on endless occasions, there’s life beyond Google and this may just be the perfect opportunity to put all the cards down on the table and prove it. At least downloading apps and keeping them updated safely will never be a problem. We promise.


  1. I see what my next phone will be. I despise Google’s high-handed big-brother tactics of forcing apps on me that I do not want. Samsung’s file manager randomly deletes my files. I thought it was their music app, so I bought a different mp3 player. This morning, Google Play deleted the paid app off of my phone without my permission, claiming that it either deletes or steals my data. Big-Brother Google should be the only one allowed to steal my data? In conjunction with Samsung? Google Play is absolute crap. I paid for MY phone, not Google.

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