Google has started to take steps towards improving access to its apps for kids. First there was a version of YouTube adapted to a younger audience, and now, leading up to the change over to the PEGI rating system, they’re diversifying their app store by offering a section specifically designed for kids. This isn’t a separate store, but an update to the Google Play Store that adds a shortcut to the “Family” section.

Whether from the Android app or the desktop web version, when you go to the Apps, Games, Books, or Movies sections you’ll have a new button that takes you to the section that offers content specifically designed for kids, including themed collections like Interactive Stories, Spotlight on Disney, Learning Made Fun, or Draw, Color, Paint. Likewise, it’s possible to filter the catalogue by age, with sections for kids 5 and under, between 6 and 8, and 9 and up.


Nevertheless, this whole structure does nothing if you don’t limit access when a little one starts digging around on your smartphone or tablet. That’s why there’s the integrated parental control system, which already existed before but has been improved and adapted to the new system. To get to it you have to go to Google Play Stores, drop down the sidebar, and find Settings > Parental Controls. There, after entering an exclusive code for this section (and which is not related to the one on your smartphone), you can limit access to the apps according to the top age set by the aforementioned PEGI rating system: 3, 7, 12, 16, and 18.



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