When apps get posted or updated on Uptodown we often have problems giving them titles. Over the years developers have invented some odd tactics when it comes to naming their products, often preferring to use a hodgepodge of keywords in an attempt to boost their visibility. Cute Photo Collage Pic Editor is an actual title for an app and dozens of variations on the same terms can be found our photo editing category. And as if it weren’t bad enough, Google is making everything worse by boosting the permitted character count from 30 to 50 characters.

planet of heroes nombre Google Play expands the character limit for app titles – and that's a terrible idea

This situation has sparked more than a few misunderstandings when it comes to using our integrated search engine, which positions certain apps higher than they should be due to their piling-on of tags in the title. Another, related problem is the ever more common practice of modifying the app name periodically or based on region: one example is the popular MOBA Strike of Kings, which in its beta period was called Honor of Kings and in the West is now coming out as Arena of Honor. Apart from the rebranding, a subtitle often designates the “season” or latest update to the game. Sticking with the MOBA genre, Planet of Heroes is currently called Planet of Heroes – MOBA Evolved to Mobile Action on Google Play. Sounds like a joke but it’s not one.

For this reason we’ve opted to list each app by its root name on both its page and its URL, and if that overlaps with an app that already exists, we link the title to the name of the developer. Hence why the Photo Editor app’s URL is http://photo-editor.uptodown.com/android as it was the first to arrive, while this other Photo Editor is found at http://pic-tools-group-photo-editor.uptodown.com/android. Plus, we’ve got an extra field for short descriptions to give our users a few more clues about what the app’s all about without sullying the original title.


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