The Firefox family includes official clients and beta versions, plus experimental projects like Focus. This array has just expanded even more thanks to Firefox Rocket, a new version of the browser designed to run on mid-range devices with limited data connections. Although at the moment it’s only officially been released on the Indonesian market, it’s still fully functional from any geographical location.

The browser offers a series of solutions for cutting down on data use. The most important one is Turbo Mode, which, among other things, serves as an ad blocker; you’ll be prompted to use it when you start up the app for the first time. The other peculiar feature is the option to take a full screenshot of the webpage in question, including everything that appears down to the bottom of the scroll. All the screenshots then get stored in a special section in your browser itself. A rather unorthodox but still practical way to read content offline.

In terms of its interface, the minimalist main page offers a search bar alongside eight custom bookmarks, and has most of the basic features of the browser.

Download Firefox Pocket on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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