We celebrate the International World Environment Day on the 5th of June. You may not know how to help the planet besides recycling and consuming less. But, there are some environmentally conscious apps that can help you become more aware and pollute less or at least know the quality of the air that you’re breathing.

These environmentally conscious apps are must if you want to start taking care of the planet and be part of a better world. We offer you free and super useful apps for your day-to-day.

dia medio ambiente Environmentally conscious apps: take care of the planet using your smartphone


Breezometer is probably one of the best environmentally-friendly apps if you’re worried about the air that you’re breathing. It can actually measure the quality of the air in any city to help you avoid future pollution-related health issues. The app will show you detailed air cleanliness levels around the city and even different neighborhoods. You can easily figure out if you’re safe to go outside and breathe the air or it’s better to stay inside.  

Using Breezometer is really easy. All you have to do is install the app, activate your current location (or search for it using the search bar) and in a matter of minutes, you’ll know if the air is clean or not. You can save some cities as your favorites, in case you often visit them, and make the process easier and faster.

Apps medio ambiente - Breezometer

One of the most interesting features is that you can access a map that shows you the quality of the air by area of the city. You’ll see the color change from green to red depending on the pollution levels by streets, neighborhoods or cities if you check out the entire map. [Download]


If you want clean air in your city, do your part. You can stop polluting with Changers, plus, improve your health by leaving your sedentary life behind. You can walk or bike everywhere, without using private transportation.

Changers is an app that works as a pedometer that counts your steps. You can also synchronize it to your fitness tracker for more accurate results. The app aims to encourage you to participate in taking care of the environment by not emitting CO2. The app shows you your milestones and your CO2 balance, according to your activity level or the type of transportation you’ve used during the last few days. As you continue walking, you’ll unlock rewards and you’ll see your steps become planted trees.

Apps medio ambiente - Changers

But perhaps the most significant selling point is that you can enter an outgoing and a destination point and Changers will show you how to get there by foot or bicycle. There’s no need to pollute! and you’ll also feel proud of your good deeds. [Download]



If you use Changers but you still have to use a private vehicle, you can do so without damaging the environment. Urbi is an app that locates all the transport services near you so you don’t have to pollute the air. It’ll search for cars, motorcycles, bicycles or electric scooters so you can move around the city.

Urbi has a really simple interface. Enter the app, activate your location and the app will automatically show you the options available to you (depending on your city and services available). Next, tap on an icon on the map and you’ll get the exact address, the time it’ll take you to get there and how to get there.

Apps medio ambiente Urbi Environmentally conscious apps: take care of the planet using your smartphone

You can also choose and filter the different transportation methods, just in case you don’t want some of them to appear on your map. This is especially useful if you don’t have an account for all the services available.


Another way to avoid polluting is to become aware of what you consume and how this affects the environment. Abouit is an app that makes it easy for you to do your part, even if you don’t even know where to start. It’ll also improve your health. All you have to do is scan the bar code or the product’s label and it’ll show you the ways that that product damages your health and the environment with a ranking from 0 to 10.

You can access products that are already included in the app and view the global description according to three parameters. You can also check out the nutritional information, allergens, and the manufacturer’s description.

Apps medio ambiente - Abouit

Abouit also includes healthy recipes and lets you create your own profile with your personal information (weight, age, height, physical activity) and a goal that the app will help you achieve. Whether that is losing weight, gaining weight or just having a healthier lifestyle, you can achieve your goals with this app. [Download]


Plantix is a personal doctor for your plants right in your smartphone. This is one of the best environmentally-friendly apps because you can take care of your plants in a more personal or more professional level. The image recognition feature will figure out the type of plant that is being affected by a disease, the current infection level, and how to solve the problem. Plantix recognizes the pathogen thanks to its records that include hundreds of options as well as how to solve the problem, what could have caused it and how to avoid it in the future.

Plantix is a complete encyclopedia for crops and plants where you can find any type of illness along with information, solutions, and pictures. The app also includes a community of users from around the world that you can ask about how to take care of a certain crop or how to get rid of an infestation, for example. You can also get regular tips on how to take care of your vegetable garden at home, how to keep a record of your plants or simply learn more information about your plants. [Download]



Chachi is more than an environmentally conscious app. It’s actually a game to learn how to take care of your planet. This augmented reality app includes mini-games that could help you earn some money, which will get transferred to your PayPal account. Plus, you can take care of the planet. Just keep in mind that you need to have augmented reality technology in your smartphone. If you do, you can play. You’ll earn luxes by playing in the arcade mode which will help you practice. Once you’re ready, enter the tournaments and earn money (if you can beat everyone else). You can then choose to keep the money or donate it to a non-profit organization.

The augmented reality mini-games are really eye-catching and entertaining. For example, you’ll have to destroy the trash that’s around you or clean the trash at the bottom of the sea. Games to take care of the planet, that let you earn real money to save the world by donating it to a non-profit, what else could you ask for? [Download]



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