As the default browser that comes installed on Android devices, Chrome isn’t bad, but it could always be better. There are many alternatives out there, and one of the best on the market is Dolphin Browser, a browser that delivers smooth web access and adapts to the custom configurations of each user with a configurable start screen, gesture and voice search, and many other features that have given it a spot among the best.

Dolphin Browser tops the speed of the preset browser for Android phones by up to 10 times thanks to Dolphin’s support for HTML5. It also provides faster and more fluid loading of webpages, even when opening several tabs simulataneously.

Browsing on Dolphin is also more comfortable. Some apps take up too much screen space, something that the browser takes into account to improve reading and viewing ease by hiding parts of the interface that are not being used. For example, tabs and the URL bar will disappear when they are not in use, allowing you to see more of the webpage you’re viewing.

interfaz dolphin browser

The bookmarks bar on Dolphin is another of its interesting features, since it includes a functional shortcut directly to the bookmarks. But undoubtedly the three most appealing features in Dolphin are the voice search, gesture browsing, and the automatic clearing of your history and cache every time you close the browser.

Another practical and interesting little feature is that you can doodle symbols on the screen to access your favorites. Why should you have to open your browser and type in the URL or go to your favorites? You can “draw” a U to directly access Uptodown or an F to go to Facebook.

On the other hand, if you’re the type to be impressed by the voice commands from Google Now, the Sonar function works similarly in Dolphin. You can control your web browser almost completely by voice using a preset list of specific orders to do the searches you need.

características dolphin browser

Anytime you wish to add a new drawing to access a webpage or find a piece of info by speaking directly to your phone, you just have to press the Dolphin button in the lower corner of the screen to directly access them.

In addition, the app is compatible with more than 60 exclusive add-ons to give the browser extra functionalities, such as improving legibility, transforming webpages to PDFs, or managing the passwords and login details that you use for different sites.

Recently a variant of this browser has appeared called Dolphin Zero to allow you to browse the web anonymously and securely. Ideal for sensible or cautious users!


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