While we anxiously wait for the release of Diablo Immortal for Android, we can always do the next best thing which in this case would be to enjoy the original installments from the Blizzard saga. We recently witnessed how GOG resurrected the first part to make it accessible for contemporary PCs. But, they didn’t stop there and have made it even easier: a group of fans adapted the original game so you can play the game directly using your web browser.

diablo android featured How to play the original Diablo with your smartphone

This version was developed using inverse engineering, which allows you to play the original game without any type of limitation. Keep in mind that to access the complete version, you have to drag the data file (DIABDAT.MPQ) towards the browser in order to make sure that you have a copy. Nevertheless, you’ll have total access to its shareware version which includes the first two levels of the popular dungeon of Tristram. All you have to do is access https://diablo.rivsoft.net/ to start playing. 

Diablo Android screenshot

What’s truly surprising is that it works equally well with desktops using a mouse than it does with touchscreens. Using gestures on the screen you’ll point the cursor and perform the basic features of the game. As a matter of fact, this isn’t simply a pointer, it’s actually completely designed to be used with smartphones, just like the extra icons located on the visible sidebars on the panoramic screens show. 

However, if you’re just dying to play a good hack and slash with your Android, there are a bunch of alternatives that are just as good. We talked about some of them in this post, and let’s not forget about the games that haven’t even reached the western world such as the much-awaited Raziel


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