The world of Android virtual keyboards is wide and wondrous. But despite all the options to pick from, most people tend to stick with the one that comes preinstalled on their device to keep things simple. Still, this extensive little world is replete with great apps in constant competition. And the continuous fight to be “The Best Keyboard” benefits users above all, as the main apps jockey to roll out updates and new features all the time. Chrooma Keyboard is an excellent option to pick thanks to the latest update that comes with a set of changes you should definitely check out.

Chrooma Keyboard

People already familiar with Chrooma Keyboard have probably tried it out due to the particular feature that’s made it famous: its capacity to change color to match the app you’re using at that moment. This chameleon-like feature is even better in version 4.0: the browser bar also changes color if the device is compatible. But this is just the tip of the iceberg as the keyboard now allows, among other things, searching and sending animated GIFs with the popular GIPHY. Maybe this feature is less exciting than it would have been before the arrival of GIFs to WhatsApp, but it’s still a fun addition that works on lots of different apps. I’ve tried it myself on Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp and ran into no problems.

The same “+” icon that takes you to the GIFs also sends you to the Clipboard, which saves different snippets you copied prior. Plus it lets you include custom snippets to use any time. Another of the upgrades is to its word prediction, which now also suggests emojis and punctuation. The emojis appear in a bar over top of the suggested words as you type. Never has the smily poop emoji been more present in my chats.

Chrooma Keyboard

The upgrades added to Chrooma Keyboard make it a stiff competitor for big names like Gboard and SwiftKey. These improvements unite with the quality content rolled out in prior versions such as using shortcuts to greatly improve usability. Plus Chrooma Keyboard works faster and weighs less than ever, which is always a welcome development.

Chrooma Keyboard for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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