It was way back in the 70s that we first got the opportunity to take part in virtual races. Taito, Atari, Namco, and SEGA were the first to give life to this now vibrant genre of video games. Just like many years ago in arcades, today you can participate in high-speed races right on your smartphone. To help find the right one, we’ve created a list of the best racing games available on Android. All of them are free, and have enough excitement to burn through a million tires.

mejores juegos carreras android The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Racing Master

NetEase and Codemasters teamed up to create a highly realistic racing game. Thanks to its spectacular 3D graphics, Racing Master takes you inside gleaming cars to thoroughly test the engine’s potential. The game features many circuits that require a high driving level to overcome each curve. In addition, from the main menu you can access a garage where you can get the most out of the car’s mechanical qualities. Brands such as Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin or Lamborghini are waiting for you. [Download]


Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase pays tribute to those arcade racing games that still continue to dazzle the most nostalgic. The title offers more than 20 different vehicles that you’ll be able to drive through each circuit at many kilometers per hour. Although the free version will only allow you to enjoy five circuits, they will be more than enough to face thrilling races. [Download]

Assoluto Racing

Another of those racing games in which realism is evident from the start. By customizing each of the available cars, you’ll be able to beat the speedometer in closed circuits. One of this title’s key points is that you can use your smartphone’s gyroscope to avoid having to press any buttons when changing the trajectory. Demonstrating your expertise on each track will require the utmost focus in these breathtaking online challenges. [Download]

F1 Mobile Racing

Who has not dreamed of competing in a Formula 1 car? In F1 Mobile Racing you will have the honor of being part of one of the teams that compete in this laureate competition. Getting behind the wheel of the Red Bull driven by Max Verstappen or Fernando Alonso’s Alpine is now very easy thanks to your Android device. The multiple official licenses and the title’s good visual performance will make you feel the need to fight for first place on the podium in every race. [Download]

Race Master 3D

In this title you’ll be able to drive at full speed through circuits full of obstacles. Throwing bowling pins, overcoming ramps or dodging unexpected obstacles are just a few of the tests you will have to overcome in each round. And all while using a very simple control system that will allow you to drive each car by simply pressing and sliding on the screen in order to accelerate or change the trajectory of the racing cars. [Download]


GC Racing: Grand Car Racing

Although it hasn’t come out officially, GC Racing: Grand Car Racing is an outstanding racing game. It’s not going to revolutionize the genre, but it successfully makes sure that anyone can enjoy the speed of the competition from the very first moment. The best thing about it would probably be that it’s perfectly adapted for all types of smartphones, whether they’re top of the line or not. [Download]

gc racing grand car The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Dirt Rally Driver HD

Thinking about rally games takes us back to 1998, when the legendary Colin McRae Rally hit the market. Not that Dirt Rally Driver HD is a sequel or anything, but without a doubt, it owes some of its greatness to the title from Codemasters. Over 100 levels will put you to the test on dirt tracks where you’ll have to give it all you’ve got behind the wheel. It’s not a game that stands out for its graphics, but we’ve fallen in love with the lighting in each one of its screens. [Download]

dirt rally driver hd The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Built for Speed 2

We don’t know what it is about games with an isometric perspective, but we always find ourselves going back to them. In the universe of racing titles, we’ve been enjoying quality works with this viewpoint for what seems like forever, and Built for Speed 2 is a great example of this. This sequel improves upon what we saw in the previous installment and keeps us hooked with its enjoyable arcade concept. [Download]

built for speed The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Doraemon: Dream Car

The release of Mario Kart Tour has revolutionized the mobile ecosystem, even though there are plenty of players who are disappointed with the game. That’s why we bring a somewhat atypical solution for anyone looking for a quality kart racing game: Doraemon: Dream Car brings you the classic gameplay from the Nintendo saga for consoles. The characters from this renowned series come back together to compete on tracks full of references. It’s a real gem that many people still have yet to discover. [Download]

doraemon dream car The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Rebel Racing

The good people at Hutch Games have become specialized in bringing us racing games in all shapes and sizes. Rebel Racing is one of their latest titles: a game that stands out for its realistic physics and for letting you drive luxury cars. You get to cruise down the west coast of the USA in short, intense levels. [Download]

rebel racing The best racing games available on Android in 2022


The arcade title #DRIVE has wowed us ever since we first discovered it. There’s a good reason it’s one of the games that chose to highlight in the first semester of 2019. The work from Pixel Perfect Dude is an excellent game where you’ll have to drive nonstop … that is, as long as you have gas, and your vehicle isn’t destroyed. [Download]

drive screenshot The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Asphalt 9: Legends

Words can’t do this game justice. It’s one of the most relevant racing game sagas in the genre. Gameloft has been going with the Asphalt franchise for a long time now and its 9th installment is a real treat for the senses. The game is spectacular, although, in order to be so awesome, it has had to simplify the gameplay quite a bit. Regardless, on a technical level, it’s still one of the top games that exist on mobile devices. Hands down. [Download]

asphalt 9 legends The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Beach Buggy Racing 2

They may not be karts in the strictest sense of the word, but spend a few rounds playing Beach Buggy Racing 2, and you’re sure to be reminded of Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. This is the feeling that this excellent game from Vector Unit gives. It’s a title that fans of the genre won’t want to miss thanks to the simple controls and colorful graphics. [Download]

beach buggy racing 2 The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Friends Racing Duo

And if controlling a kart is too easy for you, in Friends Racing Duo you will have to control two vehicles at the same time. Driving through fun circuits full of obstacles, you’ll have to use each driver’s skills to defeat your rivals. All while pressing a button to switch between the two cars. [Download]


Garena Speed Drifters

This adaptation of QQ Speed includes dozens of characters with anime aesthetics that you will gradually unlock to experience frantic races aboard peculiar karts. With an uncomplicated control system, you’ll only have a couple of minutes to try to overtake as many rivals as you can to reach the checkered flag first. Besides, you will slowly earn resources with which you will be able to customize each vehicle and thus improve its mechanical qualities. [Download]


Hot Wheels Infinite Loop

We lose count of all the Hot Wheels games that exist for smartphones, but one thing’s for sure: Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is one of the best racing games that exists for the medium. Not only does it stand out on a technical level; it also has various game modes that make it nearly impossible to get bored. The one you’ll probably spend the most time playing is a competitive race with teams of 4 where the winner isn’t the first to the finish line, but instead, the team that has the most cars in the top spots. [Download]

hot wheels infinite The best racing games available on Android in 2022

Nitro Nation

Racing games have always fallen into one of two categories: arcade – crazy races, or simulation – closer to reality. Although games usually fall somewhere on this spectrum, one curious subgenre has recently become popular on Android. In it, rather than driving, you have to change gears as quickly as possible. Nitro Nation is a great option to burn some rubber in drag races taken right out of Fast & Furious. [Download]

Nitro Nation


You have to admit that all traditional racing games on the Android ecosystem are quite similar. Choosing one usually comes down to personal preference, but there are a few small differences that can help you make the decision. Driveline features the same excitement and intensity as other racing games, but it lets you choose between three different unique vehicles to hit the asphalt: rally cars, streetcars, and 4x4s. [Download]


Driving Zone: Germany

The Driving Zone saga has always strived to stay as close as possible to a true driving experience. This game stands out thanks to its amazing graphics and realistic physics. Although you can drive on roads filled with Japanese cherry blossoms flowers, we recommend the Teutonic roads. [Download]

Driving Zone: Germany


There are a lot of big names in this game. Many people dream of driving a Mercedes AMG C63S or a Lotus Elise 220 Cup, and you can make that dream a (virtual) reality with the fantastic Gear.Club. It’s a dizzying title that features a great graphics engine that can compete with other big-name studios. It’s one of our favorites thanks to its elegant design. [Download]



Many games have you drive around urban streets and scenes filled with obstacles that you have to dodge. Not ThunderdomeGT. Here the races are more similar to Nascar, where you have to drive a certain number of laps around a circular track. It might not sound particularly exciting, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Winning each of the races won’t be easy, and you’ll have to put the pedal to the metal if you want to finish first. [Download]


Traffic Rider

Classics never die, and Soner Kara is an essential Android racing game developer. While their Traffic Racer is a legendary title on Android, Traffic Rider manages to up the ante. This time instead of driving a typical car, you’re given a motorcycle. The first-person perspective will truly submerge you into the different levels, and if you want to win, you’ll have to complete a series of objectives or last as long as possible. [Download]

Traffic Rider

Real Racing 3

EA is behind the Real Racing franchise on mobile devices, and the third entry in the series takes place on some truly spectacular circuits. The scenery is further enhanced by the parade of cars that you have to compete against. It’s a technically brilliant title, although it does have an annoying micropayment system that lowers its standing a bit in our eyes. [Download]

Real Racing 3

CSR Racing 2

We return to the world of racing with a special adventure from Dominic Toretta and crew. Exciting duels between luxurious vehicles have never looked better thanks to its incredible graphics. This game looks so good that you’ll find it tough to not get pulled into the world of street racing. Plus, it managed to snag official licenses from lots of big manufacturers, so you’ll see many well-known car models. [Download]

CSR Racing 2

Need for Speed No Limits

The Need for Speed franchise has been around since 1994, and without a doubt, it’s one of the most prolific sagas in the history of the genre. It’s a game where the fun comes first, a sentiment that was taken to the extreme with entries like Most Wanted and Underground. Urban circuits and illegal racing are the strong points of the series, and that trend continues in this great game for Android. [Download]

Need for Speed No Limits

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft has made some pretty bad games, but the Asphalt saga is one of the most legendary series on Android. The games are inspired by other franchises like Burnout and Need for Speed, so you can rest assured that they’re action-packed. We’ve chosen Asphalt 8: Airborne as one of our favorites thanks to its spectacular aerial style. Not only will you drive through amazing tracks filled with obstacles, but you’ll also get the chance to perform some breathtaking vehicular acrobatics. It isn’t every day that you get to make incredible jumps in a Lamborghini. [Download]

asphalt 8 airborne screenshot 1 The best racing games available on Android in 2022


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