We knew it was coming, but we could’ve never imagined that it would reach these dimensions. Mario Kart Tour was launched this past 25th of September for smartphones. According to AppTopia and Sensor Tower, it claimed its spot as the most downloaded videogame for smartphones during its release day. Twenty million downloads and that’s only counting Google Play and iOS downloads. If we also add alternative marketplaces, then we have to report that it already surpassed Pokemon GO, which previously held that record with 6.7 million downloads.

Mario Kart Tour is the sixth game that Nintendo has launched for mobile platforms (not counting Pokémon). Without a single shred of doubt,  it is now the company’s most popular game for this type of platform. The title was formerly owned by Super Mario Run when it was downloaded 7 million times within the first 24 hours of its launch. Other titles, such as Clash Royale or Fortnite, have also been left behind. However, the difference is mainly due to the staggered distribution model during their worldwide release through the usual soft-launch system.

Mario Kart Tour Sensortower

It should be noted that the download (and revenue) progression for mobile video games doesn’t follow a linear downward progression starting on its release date. Instead, the majority of the downloads are accumulated the days after the launch thanks to the good old word of mouth and other factors such as their rise in download rankings and personalized recommendations made by each marketplace.

mario kart tour apptopia Mario Kart Tour becomes the biggest launch for mobile devices

In terms of revenue, it is still too early to tell. But, according to AppAnnie, the game is currently No. 1 in iOS revenue in countless countries, and it’s also at the top of the download rankings in Google Play and it follows a similar trend in Uptodown.

Mario Kart Tour’s monetization system will dictate its future in the coming days. The game can be enjoyed absolutely free of charge, but you’ll have to make micropayments to purchase new runners and vehicles in a short amount of time. There is a $5 monthly subscription that offers you a reward pack, as well as unlocking the 200 C.C. races. Even so, the free resources available make it possible to progressively acquire new content and unlock new leagues and circuits.


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