The creation of new features for WhatsApp tends to follow a constant cycle: external apps show up all the time with features that users want, while WhatsApp decides whether or not to implement them in their official client. To this day, there are still tons of features that haven’t made it to the official Android version of the messaging client. That said, the five apps we recommend are completely safe and do exactly what they promise without any fine print. Forget about magical WhatsApps with colorful icons, those times have passed.

whatsapp cant talk feat Five apps to add extra features to WhatsApp

Automatic replies for WhatsApp

Although Can’t Talk isn’t an app specifically created to be used with WhatsApp, it works like a charm. It’s a free app that lets you reply with automatic messages when you receive calls, texts, or messages via messaging services. Once you set your general status as away, you can specify what message you want sent to you contacts, storing all the sent messages in a log within the app itself which will let you manage the conversations that you need to respond to later. [Download]

cant talk screenshot 2 Five apps to add extra features to WhatsApp

Chat with users without adding them as contacts

It’s pretty inconvenient to have to add a phone number to your list of contacts just to be able to talk with said user via WhatsApp. This is especially irritating if you have to talk to strangers daily for work purposes. Click 2 Chat is a free app that lets you start conversations in WhatsApp with any phone number by simply entering it in the app. This creates a new chat window in the WhatsApp app even though you don’t have the number saved as a contact. [Download]

click2chat screenshot 2 Five apps to add extra features to WhatsApp

Clean out multimedia files stored by WhatsApp

If you know anything at all about how WhatsApp works, then you’ll know that all the photos you send and receive through the app get stored locally -indefinitely- on your device, and could potentially take up hundreds of megabytes of your memory space if you don’t keep up with cleaning them out. Cleaner for WhatsApp is an app that shows you all the space occupied by photos, videos, and audios from the app, letting you detect and delete all the repeated files stored. A safeguard so that your mom doesn’t ask you to “clean out her phone” for the umpteenth time. [Download]

whatsapp cleaner screenshot 1 Five apps to add extra features to WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp for business

Out of all the apps mentioned on this list, WhatsApp Business is the only one that’s actually official. After a whole lot of hype and trial phases, anyone can use this messaging client geared exclusively toward the business world. You can associate a number and device with your account and use it as a means of communication with your clients. It’s a much classier way to use WhatsApp for business purposes. [Download]

whatsapp business screenshots Five apps to add extra features to WhatsApp

Chat bubbles for WhatsApp

Finally, a feature that lets us kill two birds with one stone. With the app Dashdow, you can enable a system of icons and tabs on your desktop like the ones from Facebook Messenger which is a nice feature in itself. But along with this, it means you can read your conversations without having to open the chat tab, so your messages won’t be marked as seen even though you’ve read them. That said, in order for that last feature to work , you need to install the additional app, Notifly. For anyone obsessed with those double blue checks, this is great news. [Download]

dashdow notifly Five apps to add extra features to WhatsApp


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