The conference has started as usual,  linking previous chapters as if it were a TV series, specifically emphasizing the iPhone 5 sales success, with figures which reach more than 5 million devices sold during the first weeks after launch, as well as remind the  goodness of the new range of iPod and iOS 6, which has been installed in none other than 200 millions of devices.

The first thing they have announced, besides sales and download figures, has been a new version of the iBook app featuring page link reading, iCloud and Social network integration as well as new supported languages. This has been a trifling step forward just to prepare us for upcoming news.

The speech has been focused on Mac family, giving way to the stellar appearance of the New 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display: 20% thinner than its predecessor, the lightest member of the family ever, featuring a resolution of 2560×1600 pixels. In addition, it has better contrast and is 75% more resistant to brightness. Regarding the machine itself, it has suffered a total redistribution of parts to make it more efficient and they have placed an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor depending on the version, 8GB RAM and up to 768GB flash SSD internal memory priced from $1699 to $1999.

The following product has been the new redesigned Mac mini. The 2.5 GHz dual-core i5 model with 4GB Ram for $599, while the server version will be priced at $999.

We also have the new iMac generation with superslim 5mm screen, 45% thinner than previous versions and again sold in 27 and 21.5-inch versions. The down point is that these screens are not Retina Display. They’ll also equip Intel Core i5 and i7 processors with different hardware configurations. The most important news about iMac is the Fusion Drive technology, which mixes traditional storage systems of magnetic disks and flash memory technology, so it uses the best system according to the kind of task we perform. The price will be $1299 for the 21.5-inch model.

After the big update for the Mac family, they passed to iPad family  with more than 100 million units sold and something nobody expected, the 4th generation of iPad with A6X processor twice as powerful as 3rd generation, 10-hour battery life, new Lightning connection, faster Wi-Fi and two colors. All this, keeping the same prices of the previous generation.

And finally the worst kept secret of the company in latest years, the iPad mini, featuring a fully new design which is not a simple scaled ipad. 10-hour battery life, Lightning connection and much more in the smallest iPad ever. 7.2 mm thick, 25% thinner than iPad and a weight of only 0.68 lb. A 7.9-inch screen and a resolution of 1024×768, the same featured by the iPad 2. The iSight camera is smaller, while taking 5-megapixel photos and shoots full 1080p HD video.  Although it can seem a bit small, the size of the screen is really good.

This new model will be sold in different versions from the 16GB model at $329 to the more expensive 32 and 64GB versions. When will we be able to buy it? The iPad Mini will start selling on November, 2nd. However, you’ll be able to reserve it from Friday, 26th of October.



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