Among the staff here at Uptodown, App Backup & Restore has almost become an institution. Among lots of other features, this completely free app lets you extract the APK file for any Android app installed on your device. And now it’s been hugely improved with the arrival of its new version 5.0, with a full facelift to its interface and improvement of existing features.



The way it works is simple: just access the Applications section, select the desired apps, and proceed to creating the backup for each. Later you can send the file to any device for installation (unless the app has some sort of built-in limitation like not being permitted for use unless it’s downloaded directly from Google Play, although those cases are quite limited).

Beyond that, it includes other interesting features like making backups of all local files using the Files and Media options. You can select and send entire folders using your smartphone as a WiFi access point to send them to other devices connected to the same network. The idea of using a personal hotspot is to avoid exposing the files you send to external connections, as we all know how important it is to be careful about that sort of thing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.26.47 AM

Besides all this, the app can also make backups of all your content, sending it to any cloud file hosting site, or restore content to a previous status from a backup. New features should be added at some point to also allow backups of your personal data (contacts, call or text history, etc.).



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