The last week of the year was one of the most important when it comes to mobile device sales and application downloads, not just because between Christmas and New Years tons of devices are activated, but because in 2012 the record for apps downloaded was broken, both for Android and iOS. However, there is something even more interesting to this story: the iPad, the highest grossing tablet in the world, sold fewer units during this time period, while the sale of Android mobile phones and tablets continues to increase.

ipad ventas thumbnail Android gains market share over Christmas while the iPad loses

The iPad is the best-selling tablet in the world, but its market share over Christmas decreased by 7.14% compared to last year. While it still maintains 80% of all tablet sales overall, others, such as the Kindle Fire, the Galaxy Tablet, and the Google Nexus, continue to increase in sales, as observed in the figures released by the research firm Chitika. The figures are very interesting, especially if you compare them with mobile phone sales.

Apple’s current position is less clear than it was last year. The consumption of mobile devices has become diverse, and, given that there are more Android devices in general, the iPhone’s dominion is placed in danger by fierce competitors such as the Galaxy SIII by Samsung, whose market share is now half that of Apple. Compared to the iPhone’s 8% market share over Christmas, Samsung’s 5% is a very respectable figure.

On another note, Flurry, in its most recent study, compares mobile device sales and application downloads during the first and last weeks of December, concluding that 65% more mobile phones were sold, nearly 17.4 million, between Christmas and New Years. This figure is comparable only to the increase in application downloads: 1.76 million in the last week compared to 1.07 million in the first few. This is a tendency seen more in western nations of Christian tradition, adding also China, with the U.S. at the top, followed by the UK and Germany.

In turn, it predicts that the weekly download of apps will reach 1 billion during 2013, topping off at 2 billion during the fourth quarter. No doubt, it is a sign of a change in trends in most technology companies, which increasingly focus their business on mobile platforms.

Comparativa Ventas 2012 tablets smartphones Android gains market share over Christmas while the iPad loses



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