A few weeks ago, we explained how to add a guest account to an Android device. Thanks to that handy feature, you can share your smartphone with another person while still maintaining your privacy. At one point or another, you may have also considered the possibility of managing various Google accounts on a single device. Here, we’ll tell you how to complete this super simple process, which should only take a few seconds of your time.


How to use two Google accounts on Android

To add another Google account to your Android device, you just have to complete a few simple steps:

  • Access the Settings on your device
  • Select Accounts
  • Tap Add Account
  • Select Google from the list of apps that appear


Once you’ve reached this point, your device will ask you to enter your unlock PIN or use fingerprint identification. This is a security measure to verify that you’re the person who’s going to be entering new credentials. After that, and after verifying the information, your device will let you enter the login information for your second Google account.

When you start a new session with this account tons of data can be synced with your smartphone. This includes email, contacts, calendar events, and any other feature associated with the second Google account.

How to delete a Google account from an Android device

If you eventually decide to delete one of your Google accounts from your device, the process is similar:

  • Go to the Settings 
  • Select Accounts
  • Tap on the Google account that you want to delete from the device
  • Tap the blue Remove Account button

Once you complete this process, the data synced between your Google account and the smartphone will also be deleted. That’s why it’s recommended that you make a backup of any file or contact you want to save to use in the future.


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