We can’t deny that we’re a bit fanatical about Ketchapp. It’s certainly surprising to see that with each new release the company manages to squeeze yet more life out of the formula they’ve always used for developing video games. They’ve all got this much in common: minimalism is their raison d’etre, and they’re fun and addictive without fail. Now Ketchapp has done it again with Winter Sportsa game inspired by cold-weather recreation that promises many moments of inimitable indulgence.

ketchapp winter sports screenshot 3 Winter Sports from Ketchapp is as fun as it is difficult

Winter Sports delivers just what it says in the title. Ketchapp games are usually based on tapping the screen at just the right moment and this one’s no different. In this case, though, the frosty setting provides way more diverse tapping opportunities than usual. Snowboarding, skiing, and ice-skating all make an appearance while you keep your eyes on the track in front of you: the idea is to tap the screen when your character moves through an area with color. If you do it right when you pass through the yellow areas you’ll get a speed boost. And yes, if you mess up you can guess what awaits you: a dramatic fall, then back to the beginning.

The key to the game is in the timing of your taps to the screen. Better safe than sorry so if you’re not sure you can bet on tapping a bit early (though you won’t get the perfect score). Your character will alternate between the different sports mentioned above in test after test. Each has a small particularity: in the snowboard sections, for instance, you’ll have to grind your board on surfaces where you have to hold your finger down on the screen and release it at the right time. 

ketchapp winter sports screenshot 1 1 Winter Sports from Ketchapp is as fun as it is difficult

As you could have guessed, Winter Sports has hefty cast of characters to unlock with the gems you collect on your way. Even better, this time you can customize your winter sportsmen by mixing and matching their heads, shirts, and pants. The changes are all aesthetic only, but still a pleasure anyway.

ketchapp winter sports screenshot 1 1 Winter Sports from Ketchapp is as fun as it is difficult

Winter Sports is a fun arcade game that should entertain you for a good while. Yes, that’s what we always say about Ketchapp games, but it’s not our fault that they’re good at what they do. This game’s minimalism in form and content should provide an enjoyable experience until the next gem from the company pops up. If we look at their release history, we can expect it sooner rather than later.

Winter Sports for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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