Calling all K-Pop fans! Weverse is an app brought to you by Big Hit Entertainment, the record label of the world-famous BTS. In this social network, you can meet other fans and get information about meet-ups, along with tons of other great features.

This app is a sort of fancafe which works as a meet-up point for K-Pop fans to come together to discuss their idols and get information about gatherings, concerts, or record signings. The wave of popularity of these South Korean groups is growing around the world, and this app is a great example of the fact that their followers want to know more and more about their idols and share their love of these musicians with other fans.

bts screens Weverse, the must-have app for K-Pop fans

Creating an account

Once you install Weverse, you can choose between three languages: Korean, Japanese, or English. To use Weverse, you have to create an account using your email address, first name, and last name. Also, you have to state your nationality, whether you’re from South Korea or somewhere else.

Weverse - Inicio

Once you accept the app’s terms and conditions you have to select the tab that confirms you’re over 16 years old, since Weverse is only for users over 16. Once you verify your email, you’ll be able to enter the app.

Weverse - Términos y condiciones

Groups in Weverse

Weverse has two groups that you can join to see their latest news: BTS and Tomorrow X Together (TXT). Once you join one of the two ‘armies’, you’ll find three tabs: Feed, where the community of followers can post; Artist, where you’ll have the personal posts from the members of the two boy bands; and Media, where you can watch the band’s videos— both music videos as well as videos they record themselves eating or sending out thanks to all their fans.

Interact with the community

In the first tab, Feed, you can interact with the rest of the community, either by opening new posts, commenting, or reacting on ones written by other members. In the messages that you write, you can add images or links, making your messages more attractive to the other users. Plus, in both this section as well as Artist, you’ll find a very interesting translation feature. This is useful since most of the messages are in Korean. You can translate them into all different languages (including English and Spanish), so you don’t miss a single detail.

Weverse App

In the menu at the bottom of the screen, you can change your browsing style. The first, Weverse, is the traditional for browsing through the different group tabs. In Discover, you’ll see what’s trending, the most read, most commented, and what’s generated the most interactions. In My, you’ll see the groups you follow, the posts that you’ve written and you can change the options of the app (translation of messages, browsing language and your personal account data). Lastly, in the Notifications tab, you’ll find the latest posts from the groups you’re subscribed to.

With Weverse, it’s possible to have direct contact with the artists, since members of both groups upload exclusive content to the Artist tab. There, you’ll see their Instagram-style stories, which you can comment on and show support as long as they’re available.


Thousands of fans

On the start page, the app assures that it will soon include more groups, although with the two it includes, it already has a good number of followers, over a million and a half in BTS and almost 600,000 fans in the TXT account. Plus, the exclusive group events allow followers to be the first ones to know about their idols’ latest news. The app is intuitive to use and for K-Pop fans, it’s yet another great tool for staying connected to the lives of the members of these well-loved boy bands.

Weverse Feed

A must-have app for fans of K-Pop

The translation service this app offers is great, so that even the exclusive events offer all the information in Korean, Japanese, and English. So even users who don’t dominate the Korean language, can find out all the news, and communicate with their favorite bands despite the language barrier.

Both in terms of usability as well as the services it offers, Weverse is a must-have app for fans of BTS and Tomorrow X Together (TXT). It’s a place to get information about the day to day life of your idols and also take part in one of the most involved communities of fans that exists in the world. It’s a great option if you want to take your first steps into the fandom world of K-Pop or if you’re already an expert follower of these types of musicians.


  1. Hello, do you know how I can leave/logout of a group? Because I realized I only want to follow Bts… I hope you help me.
    Thanks you!

  2. Hello do you know how I can leave/logout from a weverse group? I am following everybody and I don’t want anymore.
    Thank you.

  3. Hi, Do you know if i can send an email to weverse because i reset my password but i still can’t log in. Thank You !


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