The new version of Ubuntu was made available for download  just a few hours ago. Raring Ringtail is a “Standard Release” with official support until October, 2014. Since it isn’t a new long time support version (the latest LTS update was 12.04), the changes introduced aren’t very profound – the aspects improved mainly deal with performance, the interface, and usability.

Ubuntu 1310

According to the developers themselves, Raring Ringtail is an adaptation of the mobile version of Ubuntu, so the majority of the modifications are focused on the speed and performance of the Unity desktop, especially after many users complained that the efficiency of the latest versions of the operating system had been greatly diminished on less-powerful computers.

In addition to switching to Unity 7, the Linux kernel has been updated to version 3.8. Updated versions of the basic software have also been included: Firefox 20, LibreOffice 4, and Phyton 3.3. Other apps have disappeared, or have been restructured, such as the social client Gwibber, which has changed into the all-things-social “Friends” app.

Ubuntu Raring Ringtail captura 1

Other new features include new search lenses, a new Ubuntu One bar, improvements to the automatic adjustment of windows, in addition to new icons and animations for the system – nothing really new beyond the streamlining and improving of what was already there.

Also, like usual, other flavors of the operating system have been updated along with this version of Ubuntu, such as Kubuntu, Xubuntu, and the brand-new Ubuntu Gnome. You can update the operating system from a previous version from the “Update Manager,” or you can install a clean version from a disk image.

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