Some time ago we blogged about a new Twitter client designed especially to consume less data than the standard mobile app. The problem was that you had to use it in your browser, though we did reveal a couple of tricks to improve the user experience. Now you won’t need them, though, given the official release of Twitter Lite, the skinny app that’s finally available for Android from Uptodown.


Twitter has joined the other social network apps in developing a compressed version that optimizes data use for the benefit of Android smartphones running low on space, as this app weighs less that 0.5 MB, compared to the 35 MB in the standard version of the app with the blue bird.

twitter lite screenshot 1 en Twitter officially releases its Lite version for Android

The thing that grabs the attention about the Twitter Lite app is that it’s not that different from the official app and lets you do mostly same stuff: browsing in four tabs, viewing for images, GIFs, and videos… That said, it doesn’t include the GIF search tool, gesture browsing, or the option to share your location. But this doesn’t do anything whatsoever to change the essential Twitter experience: reading and sharing info or whatever you fancy. The positive thing is that its got a data-savings option that you can activate or deactivate at any time to keep AV content from loading in the different tweets.

twitter lite screenshot 2 en Twitter officially releases its Lite version for Android

Download Twitter Lite

The arrival of Twitter Lite is big news for the Android ecosystem. Its smaller size and terrific fluidity make it an essential app for low-range smartphones or anyone who needs to save space on their phone or economize on data. If you want to download this app, check out the download page for it here on Uptodown. It’s still not out on Google Play, so you’ll need to download the APK and install it like that. If you’re looking for skinny versions of other apps, check out this list of Lite apps for saving on RAM and space on your Android.

Twitter Lite for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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