It’s tricky to choose the best video editors for Windows because there is such a wide range of options available. To achieve great results when making professional looking-videos, you don’t need to rely only on the most popular programs; there is a vast range of alternatives suitable for all audiences and budgets. These are our top ten picks of the best editing tools out there.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Possibly the world’s most popular video editing suite as well as the one with the most resources and documentation available on the Internet. Its learning curve is so steep, and the price is so high that Adobe decided to create a more affordable version of the product for enthusiasts and primary users: the so-called Adobe Premiere Elements. This version has certain limitations compared to the Pro version but can be purchased for a one-time permanent payment instead of a monthly subscription through the Adobe Creative Cloud service.

MAGIX Vegas Pro

In both variants, Adobe Premiere stands out for its vast possibilities when it comes to manipulating layers and adding all kinds of external modifications and its versatile integration with other Adobe products such as Photoshop or After Effects. Without a doubt, this is the best tool in its category, as long as you can afford it, of course.

GOM Mix Pro

GOM Mix Pro is an all-around useful tool both in the professional scope and for amateur users who want to achieve quality video editing since it offers a user-friendly interface suitable for all audiences. It stands out in its category because it offers up to five different layouts in the editing timeline, dividing the resources into different layers: video sources, effects, text, overlay images, and audio. This structure speeds things up with more than 100 filters available. GOM Mix Pro is clean and straightforward, which helps quite a bit.

gom mix screenshot 1 TOP 10 Video Editing Software

The fact that it’s constantly being updated, along with the fact that it’s available in 10 languages and includes useful features like automated export in standard formats for social networks or platforms such as YouTube, make GOM Mix Pro one of the best options if you want to invest in a professional tool at an affordable price. In fact, during August there is a special offer with a 70% discount. The original price is $55, but with this offer, you can get GOM Mix Pro for $15.99 using this link.

  • Profile: Beginner-Medium-Professional
  • Free version: Trial (Watermark, limited time)
  • Pricing: Lifetime (15.99$ -70% in August 2021) +info
  • Official Website:


Known for its former glory days when it was distributed by Sony Creative Software, VEGAS editing software is still very much alive today under the umbrella of MAGIX, another giant in professional video editing. As with Premiere, the product was split into two parts, Vegas Pro for professionals and Movie Studio for amateurs and enthusiasts.

MAGIX Vegas Pro

VEGAS stands out for, among other things, its external editing plugins, either with its VFX modules such as Boris FX or NewBlue, or integrated tools such as SOUND FORGE Pro for audio editing. The range of integrated content is such that there are up to three different versions of the product to suit your needs, with the possibility of a monthly subscription or a one-time permanent payment.

Cyberlink PowerDirector 365

Cyberlink products are usually a guarantee of quality at a low cost, and PowerDirector is no exception. With several years of experience, it’s a powerful and versatile video editing tool that includes several features such as wizards for mask creation, dynamic frame control, and motion tracking tools for overlaying active elements.

Cyberlink Powerdirector 365

Without a doubt, this tool was designed to make things easy for those with little knowledge in video editing, offering all kinds of basic templates and assisted export tools to achieve professional results effortlessly with just a few clicks.

  • Profile: Beginner-Medium
  • Free version: Trial
  • Pricing: Lifetime (99.99$ Pro – 139.99$ Ultimate) | Monthly (19.99$) | Yearly (51.99$) +info
  • Official Website:


A true veteran of video editing and a pioneer in non-linear editing ( to modify the duration of excerpts without affecting the rest of the editing process). Its beginnings date back to 1989, and Lightworks has even been used in editing suites to bring Hollywood blockbusters to life. Both its drag-and-drop interface and its tagging system were designed to assemble large videos and tell elaborate stories from a large number of clips.


Lightworks has an entirely free version whose only limitation is to allow a maximum output resolution of 720p. Still, a full version can be purchased for a one-time fee or by monthly subscription.

  • Profile: Advanced
  • Free version: Yes (720p limit)
  • Pricing: Lifetime ($389.99) | Monthly ($23.99) | Annual ($239.99) +info
  • Official Website:

Wondershare Filmora X

A program is not always better because it offers more, but because it makes your life easier. Filmora X was designed for users who are looking for an efficient tool that fulfills all their basic needs without compromising on efficiency. Although it can be used professionally, it is strongly linked to the world of streaming, production for social networks, and video creations in general for publication on the Internet.

Filmora X

Filmora includes a host of valuable tools: keyframing to keep an object tied to a moving element, auto framing when changing aspect ratios, motion tracking to blur on-screen elements, or an add-on for automatic silhouette cropping are some of its virtues. All this at an affordable price.

DaVinci Resolve

This is in a totally different league. DaVinci Resolve is a high-end professional software solution. We’re not talking about “filters and transitions” as key features. When we refer to premium features, we mean facial gesture detection plugins, stereoscopic filming support, complex project management via nodes, HDR calibration, and management of up to 2000 simultaneous audio tracks in a single project.

davinci resolve screenshot TOP 10 Video Editing Software

DaVinci Resolve’s business model is somewhat different. There is a free version with no apparent limitations, but to unlock the most advanced features such as those mentioned above, you have to take your wallet out.

VideoPad Video Editor

Small, easy, and affordable. VideoPad Video Editor is a compact video editor with enough features to offer fast and intuitive editing. With more than 50 effects and transitions as default and compatibility with today’s major video standards, the tool is more than enough to get quality results when editing your scenes.

Videopad Video Editor

Its interface consists of the usual timeline + preview + media manager trio, allowing most of the basic actions to be performed using drag-and-drop gestures. You probably don’t need more than this tool if your goals are simple video mixes with transitions and other effects. It’s a matter of adapting to your needs.


Some people may be surprised to see this name. Camtasia was created as one of the best tools to capture video of what is happening on your PC screen in real-time. TechSmith decided to extend the formula by adding this video editor to the pack. Yes, an extremely basic one, but equally functional to make minor edits from your video either from your PC or from external capture devices.


Camtasia is mainly intended for creating video tutorials, formatting online presentations, and, in short, creating simple video pieces using content that you have recorded yourself. Without a doubt, just what many of you need.


Unlike the rest of the tools featured in this list, Shotcut stands out for one simple reason: it’s a complete video editor that is free and open source. It’s amazing that a tool created as a simple format converter and clip trimmer has evolved into an all-around timeline editor on its own merits.


It’s compatible with most video standards both for importing and exporting (except for proprietary codecs and formats due to its open-source nature), it allows working with resolutions up to 4K, it includes a large number of effects in the form of transitions and post-processing filters, meeting most of your needs.


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