We’ve talked here before about Cyberlink PowerDirector, a complete video-editing suite suited to both amateur and professional users and even available for free in an older version (12.0) thanks to a promotion we’re running with its developers. Today its newest version (14.0) has been released – and is fully compatible with Windows 10, whose users might find PowerDirector a better buy than ever since the new Microsoft OS no longer includes Movie Maker by default. Below we review some of the features of this new edition.

Last year we profiled PowerDirector as one of the best alternatives in video editing that offers a wide array of editing possibilities – and at a very competitive price that puts the high costs of similar professional suites like Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas to shame. Its different viewing modes allow you to adapt the workspace to your needs and level of experience, with the advantage of having an enormous library of effects and presets that can be further expanded via the developer’s website.


The main novelty in this new edition is its full compatibility with Windows 10 and greater optimization for multi-CPU processors, offering a brilliant performance even on humble computers. Its main menu still offers access to either an editor boasting all editing options or a much more simplified version for users who need no more options than those provided by the aforementioned Windows Movie Maker. Besides the slideshow creator and express editor it has an external tool (although it works from the main normal editor) to create title sequences for your video with various transitions and effects.


Retains its system of different channels and layers over a timeline and expands it with more menus and effects (more than 500) that you can preview in real time. Cyberlink continues to unify and link its own services, meaning you can use its Cyberlink Cloud to access online resources from anywhere, or download the official Android app from the editor. Again, its greatest appeal lies in the fact that it offers lots of tools and usage modes so that all users can find products adapted to their needs.

A commercial license for the program can be obtained via the official Cyberlink site, although there’s also a trial version you can use for free for 30 days.

More info | Cyberlink website


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