Your fave stocky lumberjack is back and now he’s a tennis player! Timber Tennis is a spinoff of one of the most popular arcade games of recent years that’s made the rounds on all the mobile platforms: Timberman, the simple game of tree-felling that’s gotten tons of wannabe lumberjacks hooked. This new game has several things in common with the biggest hit from the Digital Melody studio but it stands out for a new gameplay and a sporty setting.

Timber Tennis AndroidTimber Tennis is a fun arcade game with cute pixels all over the place. In it you compete in simple tennis matches with flora and fauna of all stripes and with lots of pop culture flourishes. The gameplay is everything in Timber Tennis. In Timberman you had to focus solely on moving from right to left, and in this new game you do the same thing, except you’ve got a bigger space to move in. The controls again involve tapping the sides of the screen to go either right or left.

Timber Tennis Android

The idea is to return all the balls that your opponent sends over the net in each round. Once you’ve filled your energy bar you can send a special hit in whatever direction you want. This should always deliver a point so long as the ball gets nowhere near your opponent. When you get two points you’ll move on to the next round and carry on playing ever harder matches as you move up in the classification. But if you can’t return a single ball, your defeat is sealed.

Timber Tennis Android

Timber Tennis might not have the same simplicity in the controls that makes the original game so famous, but the game is still much better in all respects. A fun game with a ton of unlockable content and lots of pop culture winks. Shoutout to the multiplayer mode, which is sure to bring you a lot of joy.

Timber Tennis for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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