Halloween is just around the corner, and to celebrate it the guys over at Humble Bundle have released a new Humble Mobile Bundle dedicated exclusively to horror games for Android. The rules are the same as usual: get a good handful of high-quality games and pay whatever you think they’re worth. In total there are six titles: Rebuild, Oscura: Second Shadow, Containment: The Zombie Puzzler, Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Walking Dead: Assault, and Dead Effect Premium—although as usual, the last three can only be downloaded if your donation is above the average donation amount, which at the moment is a bit less than three dollars.

Among the group of three games that you can download and pay as little as you want (Rebuild, Oscura: Second Shadow, and Containment: The Zombie Puzzler), the most interesting is undoubtedly the one with the worst graphics: Rebuild. This is a turn-based strategy game with a post-apocalyptic setting where players control a small settlement of humans surrounded by hordes of zombies. The aim of the game is to escape the city alive, something you can do in many different ways, though to do it you’ll need to know how to manage the skills of all of your survivors. The best thing about this game: it’s practically infinitely replayable. The worst: its graphics are a big step backward.

404239 A terrifying new Humble Mobile Bundle

Among the three games you’ll get access to by paying more than half the average donation, the ones the stand out are… well, all of them. Five Nights at Freddy’s has been one of the big surprises of the year, creating a highly original horror experience. Dead Effect, on the other hand, is a first-person shooter and while it’s not super scary, you can still face off against endless hordes of zombies with graphics worthy of a proper console. And finally, The Walking Dead: Assault is a very dynamic strategy game whose graphics are uncontestably brilliant and which boasts the same characters as the popular comic.

Screen Shot 10 23 14 at 08.56 AM A terrifying new Humble Mobile Bundle

Both Five Nights at Freddy’s and Dead Effect have free versions available on Uptodown, so it might be a good idea to try them before paying that little bit extra for the new Humble Mobile Bundle.