With Halloween right around the corner, it’s that time of year again to get in the spirit by consuming all sorts of scary material, whether that means desserts that look like entrails, 80s slasher movies full of gore, or in our case, games that are guaranteed to make us jump. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of 20 free horror games that you can find on Uptodown. 


The big hits in the Android ecosystem don’t always follow set patterns. Why is this game where a terrifying old lady chases after you in an old mansion one of the most downloaded games on the platform? We have no idea, but the fact of the matter is that there’s nothing wrong with this woman’s hearing. If a board so much as creaks under your foot or you drop something on accident, she’ll come running to find you. And of course, if she catches you, the consequences are deadly. [Download]

Evil Nun

Is there anything more terrifying than a sadistic disfigured old woman chasing after you? How about a sadistic disfigured old nun? Evil Nun has you play a child who has to escape the clutches of a diabolic woman in a habit using first-person controls that only let you move and interact with certain objects in the setting like the lockers and closets where you have to hide. Anyone who got scared with Amnesia has a good genre right here. [Download]

Friday 13th: The Puzzle

The image of Jason Voorhes may be a little overused, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still one of the most iconic slasher movie images of all time. You shouldn’t expect any real scares from this game, but it is a whole lot of fun given its original concept: it’s a puzzle game where you play Jason, with the objective being to murder all the victims in the setting. Cold-blooded killing, yes, but with adorable graphics. [Download]

Into the Dead 2

An endless runner where you have to dodge zombies and destroy the ones you come up against. Under this premise, you have a super fun game that’s back in style thanks to the cross with the iconic Night of the Living Dead, where it narrates the events that occurred in the first installment of the saga from Romero. More than enough reason for a sequel, that’s for sure. [Download]

Distraint: Pocket Pixel Horror

The pixel may be a tool to create minimalist looking apps and games, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be scary. Distraint has an innocent look to it and a misleading beginning that gives you no clue as to what you’re about to find: you play a young guy who’s just started a new job as a repo man, and the visit to the home of an old woman triggers a chilling story. It’s a minimalist graphic adventure that’s sure to satisfy even the most demanding retro palates. [Download]

Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival

Dark fantasy fits perfectly into the Halloween season: withered forests, lurking creatures of the night and evil sword and sorcery. Grim Soul is a clone of Last Day on Earth with this setting. Just like we mentioned previously in the blog, its setting and familiar gameplay traps us in a sort of donkey-chasing-the-carrot cycle, looting dead bodies in search of raw materials. [Download]

Shadows of Kurgansk

The recipe goes as follows: take the setting from the iconic movie Stalker by Andréi Tarkovski, or better yet, from the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and add in some Ark: Survival Evolved-style crafting. What you get is this atmospheric game where you’re set in an area plagued with mutants and supernatural creatures of unknown origins. If you’re interested, we’ve already gone into great detail about this one in our blog. [Download]


The Cthulhu Mythos are pure primeval horror, so we have no other choice but to mention at least one of the many games based on the work of Lovecraft. Underhand is a card game where you have to complete sinister rituals to summon creatures from the afterlife, outside human comprehension. And we all know that spirits can walk among us on Halloween. Yet another game that we’ve already mentioned in our blog. [Download]

The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead already has a few representations on Android. The latest one to arrive is this augmented reality game in line with Pokémon GO, although swapping out Pikachu and his friends for blood-thirsty zombies. The minigame to destroy zombies is fun, and the possibility to join clans adds a strategy aspect to the idea of running around town in search of settlements. Again, we’ve gone into more detail in our blog. [Download]

Identity V

Dead by Daylight is a great survival game that will put your nerves to the test as you have to escape from a psychopath, with three other friends. Identity V could settle for being just a simple clone for Android, but the fact is that the team from the studio Behavior Interactive even gave their support to NetEase when creating it. Changing the realistic look for a Tim Burton-style ambiance, here you have one of the best releases of the year that’s ideal for the upcoming holiday. [Download]

Evil Killer

Three friends on an adventure end up in a town that’s under a terrible curse. The worst kind of threat is one you can’t destroy. In Evil Killer, all you’ll be able to do is run desperately for your life. [Download]

Dead Target

The Dead Target saga offers more than comprehensive first-person action games where you have to survive in different missions against hordes of zombies, with sections that vary from settings “on rails” to parts that are more like a horde mode. Spectacular, fun, and outrageous. You can’t ask for much more than that. [Download]

Dark Meadow: The Pact

To start, Dark Meadow is a worthy heir to the gameplay established by the iconic Infinity Blade, although changing the setting for one that’s much more nerve-wracking: an abandoned psychiatric institution full of creatures from beyond the grave. [Download]

The Fear: Creepy Scream House

Get ready for a consistently creepy atmosphere in this one. The background: a man arrives at an abandoned mansion in search of his wife and child. You’re in for an adventure that involves exploring rooms while you find objects that will help you to keep advancing. The real challenge will be to calm your heart rate down each time you come across an unexpected threat. [Download]

The Last Door

Don’t let its pixelated graphics throw you off. It’s actually the lack of clear-cut images that will have your imagination running wild to complete the images the game doesn’t clearly show. An episodic lovecraftian adventure with a good story is always more than welcome around here. [Download]


Unkilled comes to us from Madfinger Games, the creators of the Dead Trigger saga, which is also included on this list. In fact, its FPS premise involving fighting off hordes of zombies is the same, only in this case, the missions are more spectacular and the controls are more precise since shooting is automatic. Meanwhile, moving around the setting requires more skill, especially as the number of adversaries grows. [Download]

Five Nights at Freddy’s

At this point, it’s practically impossible to create a list of games like this without even mentioning at least one of the installments in the legendary saga. Animatronic bears stalking a security guard? I’ll take four, please. For the time being, we recommend the one that started it all. [Download]

Into the Dead

If one of the clichés of the genre is running desperately from hordes of zombies through a forest, it was only a matter of time before someone included these types of scenes in the endless runner genre that’s so en vogue on mobile platforms. [Download]

Dead Effect

An abandoned spaceship where the crew has been infected by a virus that’s turned them into dangerous walking cadavers. Did someone say Dead Space? Dead Effect uses the first person with enormous interconnected levels and lots of action. It may not be “scary” per se, but it does have its own particularly disturbing qualities. [Download]

Eyes – The Horror Game

A PC classic that also has a version for Android. Imagine the look on the burglar’s face when, after entering a building to steal everything of any value, he runs into a unique sort of security system … ghosts! The objective is to make it out safe and sound after finding each one of the 10 bags of money scattered throughout the setting. [Download]


  1. […] With Halloween right around the corner, it’s that time of year again to get in the spirit by consuming all sorts of scary material, whether that means desserts that look like entrails, 80s slasher movies full of gore, or in our case, games that are guaranteed to make us jump. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of 20 free horror games that you can find on Uptodown. Read more […]


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