It’s increasingly normal to find Android games that require an Internet connection to play. Maybe this is good, maybe not. Whatever the final balance, on the positive side is the fact that once we’re online we’ve got all the boxes ticked to be able to enjoy a good multiplayer game. Still Alive has become a new flashpoint in online multiplayer gaming and it’s got plenty of reasons to make it big.

Still Alive Android

We’re looking at an umpteenthm third-person action game on Android, but luckily the comparisons end there as Still Alive shines thanks to its fun combat system, its manganime look, and its stoked-up graphics that toy with cell shading in a good way.

Still Alive Android

Still Alive focuses on online battles that play out in several arenas where, as usual, whoever kills more enemies wins the round. To do it you’ve got to pick one of three available characters and engage in duels with your opponents while trying not to die too often yourself. Each character is well differentiated from the rest with its own weapons and powers. And it all comes bathed in an awesome steampunk glow.

The interesting thing about these battles is that you have to stay in continuous motion to be able to get the various objects scattered around that let you use your special powers. This gets rid of those annoying gamers who just camp out and do nothing and keeps you playing cat and mouse with the other players (up to five in one game).

Still Alive Android

Still Alive is a highly enjoyable game that still hasn’t officially been launched but we’ve already got it for you here on Uptodown. The only problem, if we can call it that, is that the rounds last ten full minutes – which can feel pretty long, particularly if one of the players decides to rage-quit. Still, this promising title has everything needed, if it resolves its small issues, to become a bastion of online action.

Still Alive for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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