The studio at Ministry of Games with headquarters in Helsinki received a 1.8 million euro seed in mid-2015. Until then, this kind of cash was only available to industry giants like SuperCell. Spell Brawl, their first video game, was meant to reciprocate the amount of trust they received from investors by developing an excellent hybrid of combat, collectible cards and —in HearthStones’s footsteps— a combination of gem stones squares that are very reminiscent of Puzzle Quest gameplay.

Spell Brawl Screenshot

Anyone who’s played this Blizzard game will notice tons of similarities when it comes to deck building, and opening up new packs. Don’t even get me started on how similar both games are aesthetically speaking. The feel to both games is practically a replica. Creating your own collection of cards used to beat your rival, with the appeal that in order to get the necessary amount of mana for each of them, you’ll have to collect spheres in the lower game board. The more spheres you connect in a single movement, the more damage you inflict on your opponent. Although, you’ll also hurt your opponents regardless of whether you use a special skill or not. You’ll only get to use three cards at any given time, so until you play them, you won’t get any new ones.

As you beat levels, you earn tradable coins that you can exchange for new cards or to improve your stats on the cards that are already in your deck. After beating a level, you unblock new game modes that add new ways to combat other than just one-to-one battling. That way, you’ll end up unblocking the Arena where you can advance within the international ranking system or just act as a Single Player with a number of different end game challenges. Other than that, there’s the same old game shop where you buy objects with coins, or pay real money for diamonds that move things along when you’re stuck. As is usual, this is all optional.

Spell Brawl Screenshots

This game isn’t out yet on Google Play, but it is available in some countries which is why it’s APK is ready to download and install on Uptodown, no matter where you’re located.



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