When we spoke to you about what CES 2013 brought us, we mentioned that the automotive industry, although a little late, was beginning to integrate a series of more modern technological advances. On that note, we have just learned the Japanese company Honda has announced that Apple’s famous voice assistant, Siri, will be incorporated in their vehicles. The first models to receive the update are the new Honda Accord and Acura.

Siri, nuevas tecnologías en la industria automotriz,

The version of Siri that Honda will include in its vehicles will work in Eyes Free mode, which makes it so drivers don’t have to touch the device and take their eyes off the road. It will use Bluetooth Handsfree technology, and will be compatible with the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. Drivers will now be able manage their telephone calls, send and receive SMS, or select the music they want to listen to, in addition to various other features, all using voice commands.

Of course, Honda isn’t the only company that has begun to incorporate this new technology. The American auto giant Chevrolet also announced a few weeks ago that it will equip its Spark and Sonic 2013 models with Apple’s voice assistant.

Siri, nuevas tecnologías en la industria automotriz,

On the other hand (keeping with the topic of mobile technology adapted to the automobile industry), Nokia has made an agreement with Toyota in which its next line of vehicles will incorporate HERE technology. So, beginning in 2014, all Toyota vehicles that are sold in Europe, Russia, and the Middle East will have Nokia maps. In fact, Toyota isn’t the only one to incorporate this technology – some BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Hyundai models will start carrying the service, as well.


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