An endless number of companies and service providers are still tied up in analogue administrative processes, meaning we’re constantly having to print documents, sign them, and then scan them to be able to send them back complete. To save yourself that annoying process there are tools like DocuSign, an Android app that lets you sign digital documents easily using a practical assistant.

To use it you have to register either by manually filling out the fields and associating your account with an email address or using the social login with Google Plus, Facebook, or Yahoo (seriously?). That done, the free version lets you sign five documents a month, more than enough for many users.


The way it works is very simple and has different access routes. You can import a document directly into the application from among the compatible formats (PDF, Word, Excel, text format, HTML, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF among others), or open the file itself from your email client or downloads page via the context menu on Android that shows which app you use to open each item.

Before or during the process it will ask you to do a preset signature that will be stored and associated with your account so you don’t have to repeat it. You can either use a flat image as a reference or sign directly on the screen of your device. The latter gives very good results as it instantly vectorizes and softens the lines, such that you can use it in any size with no quality loss.


Once the document is open you can do several types of edits and superimpose them as desired beyond setting the size and proportion of the signature, such as your name, the date of the signature, your company’s letterhead, or a preset text, among other options.




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