Play Run Sausage Run!, the latest hugely popular endless runner

Run Sausage Run! is a fun endless runner that is topping most downloaded lists around the world thanks to its unique presentation

As strange as it sounds, sausages are more in vogue than ever. What started as a dancing hot dog popularized by Snapchat has now become one of the world’s most played video games: Run Sausage Run!. This endless runner has seen incredible success thanks to its naturally addictive gameplay and fantastic packaging.

Run Sausage Run!

Gameplay in endless runner games couldn’t be more simple, and it offers not only great playability but also replayability, as players strive to attain new high scores. Run Sausage Run! follows this trend to a t, and its likable visuals make it a fun journey that anyone can enjoy. You take control of a funny looking sausage with the ability to bend backwards to boost its speed. Tapping the screen initiates this movement, which you need to make the most out of to dodge obstacles that threaten to cut or burn your weenie.

Run Sausage Run!

The point of the game, which doesn’t give many other options, is to try to stay alive for as long as possible. This task becomes more and more complicated as you advance through the stage, although the refreshing visual style gives plenty of reason to come back and try again for a higher score. Watching the movements and expressions of the little hot dog is truly entertaining. As usual in this kind of game, there are a number of unlockables that change the look of your character and extend the life of the game slightly. There are also certain objects that change gameplay for a limited time, like an item that freezes obstacles or another that enlarges your weiner, making the journey more complicated to survive.

Run Sausage Run!

It makes sense that a game like Run Sausage Run! would become a hit. It’s fun and entertaining, but the precision required to play adds a level of depth beyond what’s seen at first glance. Timing is crucial to extending your longevity, and you have to be skilled to avoid ending up bruised and beaten.

Run Sausage Run! for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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