Once an entertainment trope becomes a hit, hundreds of adaptations, clones, and other opportunist spinoffs are bound to appear to try to leech off that success. Ubisoft’s Rabbids games have always done this, jumping on whatever genre bandwagon is in vogue to adapt to the market demands of the moment.

Now, when HearthStone’s trading cards are currently queen of the ball among Android games, the new Rabbids Heroes has again fallen into line with turn-based duels where you have to manage your deck and take advantage of the abilities of each of the five types of available characters. It’s just come out in a soft launch and we have the APK for it here on Uptodown.


The concept is very similar to the famous Blizzard title, both aesthetically and functionally, though with a few differences in the realm of play. The most important is the board layout, where the position of the characters plays a more important role than in other strategy card games and the setting is nothing more than a mat to lay down your cards in an organized fashion. You’ll have to maneuver yourself around in key areas to maximize your cards’ damage depending on their abilities, among other things to keep in mind.

You can play against the AI or in PvP duels. And as you win you can get new cards with the same progression seen a thousand and one times in the genre in terms of building and organizing your decks.

At the moment the game’s soft launch applies only to Canada, but it can still be installed and played with no restrictions using its APK file available here on Uptodown.


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