Learning languages is one of those permanent New Year’s Resolutions that often falls to the wayside due to lack of free time. Plus it can get monotonous to grind away at vocab and verb conjugations all on your lonesome. Luckily, though, there are apps like Lingbe to help you learn and brush up on your foreign language skills anytime, anywhere by talking on the phone.

Lingbe Android

No better way to learn a language than by speaking it – said every language teacher ever. This is the premise underpinning the Lingbe methodology: the app puts you in touch with other people who want to hold conversations in the language you’re learning. It’s as simple as pressing the call button in the app and waiting for someone to answer on the other end of the line. To have gotten that far you do need to have registered and included some basic info like which languages you already speak, the ones you’re learning, and your hobbies.

Lingbe Android

It’s really surprising how well Lingbe actually works, since though there’s a margin of up to 2 minutes to set up a line, I’ve tried making several calls and never had to wait more than 30 seconds before someone picked up. That said, you start out with just 15 minutes to use in your talks after you register – and to get more time after that’s used up you have to help other people who are learning your native language or spend actual money to buy Lingos, the currency in the app.

Lingbe Android

Lingbe is a super useful app thanks to how flexible it is in letting you talk anytime, anywhere, so long as you have an Internet connection. The wait time to start a conversation is minimal and the app is under constant development, with new features added often, like the recent “social call” where you can meet people who speak your mother tongue. This might be a bit beside the point in terms of the app’s main objective, but it doesn’t hurt anybody, anyway.

Lingbe for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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