A new case of fusing and adapting successful formulas for new undertakings. EA has just announced its latest project for smartphones: Plants vs Zombies Heroes is a trading card game openly inspired on Blizzard’s Hearthstone but deploying all the imagery of the saga where vegetables face off against hordes of the undead. Although its international release still has no set date, you can download it today in APK format.

The gameplay has you facing other characters controlled by the AI or other real users in strategic turn-based duels when you have to reduce your opponent’s 20 life points by laying down cards from your deck, card defined by an attack level and a defense level that serves as a protective wall so the creatures summoned by your opponent can do you no harm. Sounds familiar, right? And no, I’m not talking about Magic the Gathering here, but about Hearthstone. In the end there’s nothing new under the sun and everything is just a different shade of everything else.


As you beat scenes in the story mode made up of successive one-player battles you’ll get resources and rewards to fatten up your deck. Supposedly the idea behind all this is to cut your teeth so you can get better results in the multiplayer mode, although at the moment this one is limited to friendlies without any form of matchmaking, which is set to change when the title is launched globally.


The game (v.1.0.11) can be downloaded for free from Uptodown in APK format and works perfectly on all sorts of devices with no geographical restrictions. Its availability is due to the fact that EA has just released the game exclusively in New Zealong for testing prior to release in other countries.

More information | VentureBeat


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