MOBAs are the latest thing on Android. Just a few weeks ago we were talking about the best titles in the genre for smartphones and tablets, and now there’s a new candidate to lengthen our list. Planet of Heroes has just come out of its closed beta and now its early access version is available to all gamers. Three-on-three fights, 10 personable characters who throwback to popular games like Overwatch and a PvE mode to let off some steam with one-player missions are just some of the cool things about it.

planet of heroes screenshot Planet of Heroes MOBA now available to all

It’s hard to put my finger on one thing that differentiates this app from popular games like VainGlory or the more recent Mobile Legends, but in those titles what makes them unique is how they combine all their elements. Playing a few rounds of Planet of Heroes is great, first because of the 7 minutes max duration (that might seem too short but it actually perfectly suits the game dynamics), and then because of its controls that skip out on the tapping. With a crosspad and five attack and skill buttons we’ve got more than enough.

planet of heroes screeshot 1 Planet of Heroes MOBA now available to all

There are just three of the ten characters open to start, but they rotate. Plus you can get them with the in-game currency if you simply must have your faves available at all times. It’s got multiplayer games as well as a practical entertainment mode and the ideal complement: a story mode where you control your heroes throughout several missions that deliver lots of variety.

In short, Planet of Heroes feels sober, both in terms of aesthetics and functionality, and given that it’s still in the testing phase, it can only get better. The game is available on Uptodown in APK format and can be downloaded and installed with no regional limitations.



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