One of the apps that’s stayed in vogue longest in the Android catalogue is PicsArt, a super-complete photo editor that’s been installed a mind-boggling 400 million-plus times on mobile devices of all kinds. But these astronomical figures make perfect sense once you try the app and discover the huge array of things you can do with it.

PicsArt Android

PicsArt’s image-editing game is way above that of its competitors available on Android. This is mainly due to two things: it’s both one of the most potent and one of the most long-lived tools in its niche. The second thing is closely connected to the first, given the tremendous series of updates rolled out on PicsArt over time and adding all sorts of features that made a splash on other apps. PicsArt has ended up being a sort of Swiss Army knife, with a tool for nearly everything.

picsart screenshot 1 en PicsArt is your best bet for a comprehensive Android image editor

PicsArt’s basic function is photo editing and this is where it shines the brightest. The number of available options is so huge that it can be dizzying. You can do practically anything you want to your pics – and best of all is that everything flows smoothly over the smartphone interface. From doing retouches of all kinds to adding endless effects, the available tools lets you edit to your heart’s content: crop, add backgrounds, use fun stickers (or create your own), add text or frames … there’s even a category with Prisma-style filters.

picsart screenshot 2 en PicsArt is your best bet for a comprehensive Android image editor

Besides the powered-up editor, PicsArt also has a robust social component, with a timeline quite similar to the one from Instagram. But it’s not a simple clone of the most important social network for pictures – it includes several features that make it one of a kind, among them the possibility to re-edit photos using the Remix function and see what other users have done, plus participate in themed events and vote on the projects you like best.

picsart screenshot 3 en PicsArt is your best bet for a comprehensive Android image editor

PicsArt is unquestionably the most complete picture-editing app available for Android. Not only because of everything we’ve said here, but also because the developers update it tirelessly and keep it on the cutting edge. Just check out their prolific YouTube channel to see the proof.

PicsArt for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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