When many people still haven’t even saved enough money to purchase the coveted iPhone 5, rumors have already began about its successor, the iPhone 6. The alarm went off when several developers found traces in their websites of a device code named the iPhone 6.1, which would run the iOS 7 operating system. Let us remember that before it was released, the iPhone 5 was known internally at Apple with the code name iPhone 5.1, or iPhone 5.2, depending on whether or not it was LTE compatibled. And the story begins all over again…

iPhone 6 cabecera People are already talking about an iPhone 6

What’s more, in addition to the traces that these developers found in their application log files, and the previously mentioned name among connected devices, they also found that the IP address belonged to the region where Apple’s campus is located in Cupertino, the company’s headquarters in California. This gives some credibility to the rumors.

What we do know is that in the last five years, Apple has launched a new version of its smartphone every year, each one with features that were superior to the previous model. The fact that they’ve already begun working on iPhone 6, and therefore the hype has also already begun, could indicate that the next device would arrive on the market in a shorter period of time than the usual one year that has separated each previous release.

Regarding the hypothetical features of the iPhone 6, it is rumored that the new iPhone will come in different colors and different sizes, following the recent change in the new generation of the iPod catalogue, and that there is a possibility that the touchscreen technology on the device will be changed. This change would be brought about due to response issues with the touchscreen on the iPhone 5, mainly when quickly swiping one’s finger diagonally across the screen. The solution would be to give the new model a new display, with technology called Touch-on, which means devices with more touch sensitivity, and that are more efficient, and even more thin.

Apple campus People are already talking about an iPhone 6

Apple, as usual, isn’t going to confirm or deny any of this information, mostly because if they were to do so just a few months after the release of the iPhone 5, which was introduced in September of 2012, and were to say that they’re already preparing the launch of a new model, those who invested their money into an iPhone 5 would feel very disappointed. What can be revealed, however, is that 2013 is going to be a big year for the Apple brand when it comes to new gadgets.



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