Passbook is a must-have app if you travel frequently or regularly attend events. You can use Passbook to save your virtual train tickets, cinema tickets, boarding passes or entrance tickets for any museum or monument. The app was launched for iOS years ago and it’s basically essential in any Apple device. Luckily, there are several alternatives for Android.

Some Android devices, like Samsung’s, already include alternatives. But if that’s not the case, you can download the apps directly into your smartphone. .PKPASS files are a standard for validating all types of passes, entrance tickets, and invitations, so you’ll definitely need one of these apps to use them.

passbook android The best Passbook alternatives for Android


PassWallet is the best option if you are looking for alternatives with a similar design to Passbook. It’s practically identical and it has a very comfortable interface that you can use to store all your entrance, plane or train tickets. All .PKPASS boarding passes, tickets, coupons and other items stored in your smartphone are automatically synchronized to PassWallet.

PassWallet - Alternativas a Passbook

In order to navigate between boarding passes or entrance tickets you just have to slide your finger between the available options. Plus, you can quickly access them using the side panel. There’s even a map so you can check the exact location of each file that you’ve stored. Simply tap on the QR code to open it or access all the booking information. 

The only drawback of the app is that it includes ads and you have to pay to bypass them. [Download]


Another great Passbook alternative. You can use it to organize all the files in a comfortable way. Pasbuk allows you to search and filter through your files, which makes it a very useful and complete option. If you want to glance through all of them at once, simply check the complete list of files. Also, you can access more detailed information about the file in question if you slide to the right. If you slide again, the location of the ticket’s event appears and you can even add it to the calendar directly.


The app is compatible with all types of files that include a QR code. Just like the previous alternative we mentioned, and any others included in this list, it lets you access monuments, airplane or train tickets. If you have discount coupons available, you’ll see a thumbnail with relevant information and the name of the store. You can also easily delete them using the trashcan icon. [Download]


This app probably includes the most attractive design on this list. WalletPasses is one of the best alternatives for Passbook and it’s also very similar to Apple’s own app or to the already mentioned Passwallet. You have to slide between the files to open the one you’re interested in. However, its interface has a more modern look and it’s very simple and user-friendly.


WalletPasses is a useful tool because it automatically synchronizes all the .PKPASS files available on your smartphone. Plus, this app groups files by type without having to browse through different folders.

To access more information, simply tap on the “i” icon located on the lower right corner. That menu also gives you access to the WalletPasses settings where you can configure some of the options. You can also extend the QR code so they can be validated anywhere. [Download]


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