Student everywhere and of all ages are heading back to school at the moment. And as happens every year, what with the flood of new subjects and courses, the fight against scheduling and organizational chaos is real. While there are lots of tools out there to get yourself organized, School Assistant is one of the best academic organizer apps you can find for Android.


The app shines over the competition for being so simple and clear when you’re moving through the different sections. Other tools like it tend to be cumbersome, making it easy to get lost among all the buttons and submenus. School Assistant balances design and functionality in a pleasant interface. In fact, the first time you open the app you’ll be greeted by a wizard that helps you set up the grading system and add each of your subjects.


How complicated you want to get with your organizing depends on how keen you are to input details. Besides your course calendar, you can add course titles and departments or even color codes for labs and electives, and associate external files  such as syllabi or assignment files for each subject or class. You can even add a contacts list with details for your professors or classmates and then associate them with their respective courses.


All this data entry might seem tedious but it’s sure to bear fruit in the long term. You can keep track of your own attendance, make your device send you (silenceable) notifications before a class is about to start, or explain an absence if you miss a class. At the results level you can see how many hours you’ve spent going to a course and studying for it, as well as your grades themselves. Plus you can display all this info in tables and graphs and export them when needed.


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