A few days ago the official launcher from the new Android 7.0 Nougat was leaked. Today it’s the turn of a complementary app to manage your smartphone wallpapers, including a default collection of a good handful of wallpapers organized by category. It corrects stability problems and crashes in the Nougat launcher, which makes this app practically essential if you’re using it.


Once you install the app, you get access to a bit a differently from usual. Go into Settings Screen Wallpaper and select the app in question, which will probably appear to be a duplicate as it’s called the same thing as the service already used on lots of devices (Nexus, for example).

From there you’ll see the wallpaper you’re currently using and a series of themed galleries: your local image galleries, your installed wallpapers, Earth, landscapes, urban scenes, life, textures, and animated backgrounds. Some of the galleries may contain up to 100 photos, although these’ll be local downloads saved only as you want them. You can even set the launcher to auto-swap the wallpaper every 24 hours.



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