Dynamic stickers and glasses have been with us for a long time now, made more popular recently thanks to Snapchat’s ‘lenses’—that is, layers superimposed over your pic as static decorations of the image. The app MSQRD (MaSQueRaDe, surprise!) take this a step further to offer a facial recognition system that can superimpose a sort of virtual ‘mask’ over your face that moves in real time along with your gestures. Now, after the enormous success of the iOS version, the Android edition has just been released.

The app offers a template gallery with all sorts of faces, some well known or that look intentionally similar to famous people like Barack Obama or Robert Downey Jr. That said, the Android version includes rather fewer faces than the iOS one, at least for now, nor can you expand the list with in-app purchases—but all in good time.


Besides watching yourself clowning around and enjoying the surprising exactness with which the app can replicate the faces you pull in the digital ‘masks,’ you can take screenshots or small videos that you can either save locally or share directly from the app to Instagram. As you can see in the attached screenshots, MSQRD has caused a proper furore here in the Uptodown office.



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