It may be a much talked-up resource among tech geeks, but it’s true that MiXplorer puts its competition among file explorers to shame. Since the days when ES File Explorer was the go-to app for many users (at least until that went to hell), there’s been no appearance of a spiritual successor that can offer as many features without affecting its performance. MiXplorer is an all-purpose tool for Android that’s not available on Google Play and offers loads of features for manipulating content on your device.


The KISS principle is a constant when it comes to designing an app in an interesting way while preserving simplicity of use no matter how many features it includes. In this case that principle’s been quite well respected. This post will get too long if we set out to list all the features on MiXplorer, so I’ll note the five most important ones here and leave people who want more details to check out the official XDA thread for the rest.

  • Lets you associate practically any popular cloud file host and integrate it into its interface to manage your cloud files remotely. It works with up to 19 default compatible services and also uses direct protocols like FTP, SFTP, SMB, and WebDAV.
  • Includes its own default reading and file-opening system in the most common compression formats, as well as the free 7zip writing system.
  • When it comes to viewing media files, you can change the window view to a mosaic mode that has little to envy a proper gallery app.
  • Not much to comment on in terms of the file exploring properly. A very elegant Material Design interface that also allows a double view in landscape format. Likewise you can stack as many windows as you want in different tabs that you can jump rapidly between.
  • In addition to its own photo and video viewing system, it also includes a default ebook reader, an HTML file viewing, and even a plain text editor.


Moral: with a single app you’ll have the functions of more than half a dozen other ones that you’d usually have to install separately, although some of them don’t come included by default and must be installed as add-ons from the settings menu. And best of all, the app (in its vanilla form) and the attached data usually don’t top 15MB once installed on your device. All free and with no ads. While this app is still in beta, it’s mature enough that I genuinely don’t know what you’re waiting for if you haven’t tried it out already.

MiXplorer for Android can be downloaded from Uptodown in APK format for free.



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