OpenSignal is a popular service to check your smartphone coverage and find the closest WiFi connection areas. Besides this free Android app, they’ve also just launched Meteor Test & Grade Your Speed, a useful tool to measure your Internet connection speed that also tells you if your current connection level can support smooth use of some of the apps you use most often.

The current design standards of smartphone apps make quite clear that for an app to triumph it has to do very few things but it’s gotta do them very well. Meteor follows this premise to a T, with its sole aim being to offer a connection report with your ping and the upload and download speeds in Mbps, then giving you a rating and specifying how well it can run your apps (wonderful, very good, OK, poor). Initially you can see that info for six of the 16 available apps, among them popular ones like YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, or Google Maps.

Beyond that, you can save your connection reports to your history to consult later, plus see the WiFi locations on a map to return to them later. At the moment Meteor Test is in beta, and though its developers note the app might have stability problems, we haven’t had any issues while doing our tests. Its APK is available through Uptodown with no geographical restrictions.


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