Linux Multimedia Studio, also known as LMMS, is a free DAW (Digital Audio Workshop) that comes included by default on Ubuntu Studio, but also works on Windows. You can do practically everything with this complete music recording and editing suite, from creating beats and samples to recording your own compositions through a MIDI keyboard.


Linux Multimedia Studio combines features from trackers such as FamiTracker and sequencers, such as Cubase and FruityLoops, into one program. It also includes a great variety of preinstalled effects, and comes with a very easy-to-use and intuitive interface. Undoubtedly, LMMS brings the power of big DAWs such as ProTools and Ableton Live to the average user.

Up until recently, audio editing programs were somewhat complicated because of programs such as Ardour, or had limited features such as Audacity, or were just low quality. Linux Multimedia Studio was one of the programs that was usually categorized into the latter, but its recent updates include native support for VST instruments, which for years was the only reason why users kept using the ancient Windows XP.

These VST instruments (Virtual Studio Technology) are small but powerful programs that are capable of emulating real instruments such as a piano, guitar, bass, or saxaphone, and even all different kinds of synthesizers, such as those already included that emulate the Gameboy Color’s sound chip, or the effect of classic games such as Space Invaders. VST is widely used today in professional studios, as well as by musicians directly,  because it is of high enough quality that it can replace the 180 lb. Hammond keyboard for a Midi keyboard or laptop.


In addition to playing and organizing your tracks, Linux Multimedia Studio includes a collection of free use studio effects of such quality that they stand up to those you will find on other software of this type. The utility packet LADPSA (Linux Audio Developers Simple Plug-in API) and its second version called LV2, you will find spacial effects such as reverbs, delays, and saturations, in addition to somewhat vintage, basic synthesizers. It also includes effects for mastering, such as compressors, limiters, and other post-production effects.


Considering its recent update towards the beginning of this month, you can say that Linux Multimedia Studio has moved up the latter and now plays in the big leagues with Ableton Live, ProTools, Cubase, and even surpasses the simple but powerful Garageband for Mac.

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