Haute cuisine has been undergoing some serious democratization over the past several years. Now we all want to copy our favorite celeb chefs, and cooking dishes worthy of the poshest restaurants is no longer as problematic as it used to be, given that nice ingredients, specialized utensils, and – above all – guides of all kinds are more accessible than ever. Much of the credit for this goes to smartphone and tablet apps, with the pinnacle of this niche being represented by Kitchen Stories. This free app is one of the best exponents of recipes and kitchen techniques to be found on Android.

Kitchen Stories

Though there are all kinds of Android apps targeted at the culinary world, Kitchen Stories stands out for its interface and the enormous amount of content on offer. The app’s got a fantastic responsive design and there’s nothing tedious about it, which won it one of Google’s Material Design Awards last year. Just open it up and you’ll find yourself captivated by its elegant design and color scheme.

In this sort of portable recipe book you’ll find – what else – a ton of recipes to help guide you through your culinary adventures. The dishes are arranged in different categories to give you quick access to the kind of recipes you’re looking for. Asian food? Check. Chicken recipes? Got it. Vegan or gluten-free dishes? Yep. The variety is huge and each category has tons of recipes you can save as favorites so you can come back to them quickly later on.

kitchen stories screenshot 1 en Kitchen Stories: One of the best cooking apps to be found on Android

Each Kitchen Stories recipe is as complete as can be: step-by-step pictures, difficulty level, prep time, utensils needed… Plus most of these dishes have a video showing the whole prep process. And the app doesn’t live by recipes alone – there are also loads of tutorials to learn all kinds of different cookery techniques.

kitchen stories screenshot 2 en Kitchen Stories: One of the best cooking apps to be found on AndroidKitchen Stories stands out as one of the best Android cookery apps currently available. The number of options is tremendous and it also has an interface that makes things very easy for you. Note other cool details like the built-in timer for use while cooking and the notepad for, e.g., shopping lists – all of which makes this app one of the best allies any home cook can possibly find.

Kitchen Stories for Android on Uptodown [APK] | Download


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